it's just wonderful to see all these spoiled brats saying how terrible their own country is. now i definately admit that america has problems, but can you name a country that doesn't? yes our politicians are complete idiots but that's just politics people; it's been that way forever and it doesn't show signs of changing.

before saying how much America sucks, lets look at some positives:
1) Almost every American home has electricity, a phone, a tv, a computer, etc.
2) you can walk into a grocery store and see more food than a lot of people will ever see in a lifetime.
3) you have access to education 100% free. it's not their fault if you people don't want to do good in school.
4) 95% of Americans are employed. how's that compared to the rest of the world?
5) how about our emergency services? if your house catches fire, at least 3 firetrucks will show up in minutes and risk their lives to save your house. and should anyone be hurt, they take you a hospital to get quality medical care.
6) do you like insulting the government? lucky you're not in a 3rd world country where they would either shoot you on sight or hang you from the nearest tree if they heard any criticism.
7) let's take another look at 3rd world countries: are there any masked men walking down your street with AK47s prepared to shoot someone just for fun? how about the fact that the POOREST Americans are better off that most average citizens in Africa and Asia.
8) can you name any terrorist attacks since 9/11? looks like all that "horrible" treatment of POWs paid off.
9) whether the media wants to admit it or not, we have the most powerful military in the world and no other country can seriously contend with us
10) so much more stuff i'll never know about. there are people working 24/7 to keep us all safe from any and all threats.
So, given that, let's us Americans remember all the good things about our nation before we're so quick to say what a shit hole it is.
by stephen jones March 03, 2008
Generally used to describe the United States of America, since just saying "America" is shorter. If I lived in Brazil, I'd classify myself as Brazilian, not American.

A country frequently bashed by pseudointellectuals who condemn the average American 13-year old for not knowing the exact political climate of Romania, because of course their country is an intellectual utopia. Run by George W. Bush, whose approval rate is 20-something percent. In the 2000 election, the Supreme Court ruled that vote counting be stopped while GWB was ahead, although it was obvious that Gore had more votes. In 2004, faulty voting machines made by Diebold, a company in the Bush family's pocket, took over the counting. Even with Kerry votes counting backwards, not counting at all, counting as Bush votes, the machines being easier to hack in to than a matchbox, Bush won by 2%.

America is currently suffering from one-party government; all three branches have a majority of conservative Republicans. The Supreme Court is packed with conservative idiots who just won't die. The political climate is one of extremism; one can be either a gunslinging Republican shithead or a conspiracy theorist Democrat shithead.

The Bush administration is botching the job quite noticably. Financially America is in deep debt to China and other countries, a war in Iraq was started on false pretenses, we are fucking up the environment beyond belief with our idiotic energy policies and the education system is absolute shit.

While the typical picture an outsider would have of an American is an obese moron who bathes his $200,000 Hummervalance (-50 miles to the gallon!) in champagne and thinks that Iraq is somewhere around New Zealand, this is not true. There are plenty of extremist American idiots. However, they're the only ones that get the news coverage. There are idiots outside of America. Plenty of Americans are level-headed, intelligent people who aren't religious fundamentalists with four shotguns a person and a Colt for the cat.

The American media is one-sided, one-dimensional, and devotes huge amounts of time to pointless stories. Rarely is anything outside of OHMYGODTHISCANKILLYOU...More at 12:30, only on FOX. The outside world is rarely portrayed, so most Americans who have to hold down three jobs and get 4 hours of sleep and consequently don't have the time to search through every international news station's website have no access to the big picture.

America may change for the better in 2008; however, if the choice is a hot turd sandwich or a cold turd sandwich, you can't really blame them for doing the best they can.
I love the American take on our skyrocketing gas prices. Not, "How can we make the cars America drives run better," but "Hey, now we're almost paying as much as the UK does for gas! That's not fair...we're Americans."
by Dr. Moreau May 09, 2006
the country that kicked the world superpowers ass when it was only a colony (france helped too, thank you france)
America:i wonder if England wants a rematch, since they think we suck so much and are all fat. (the rest of the world is welcome to)
by dont be a fag January 06, 2009
If you don't like America, well fuck off! Take your head out of your ass and stop generalizing an entire population based off a few retarded people. If you really want to see an ignorant bastard just look in the mirror... That is all.
America is not full of fat, ignorant, racist people.

I'm American, yet not fat. Black, yet not poor or "gangsta". I don't hate other countries, just the people in them that falsely generalize others.

Not all Americans are like me or use vulgar language either.
by reality, actuality January 16, 2010
a country and thats all it is. It doesn't need any more criticism than it already gets.
America is a country! We all know what countries are
by redhedmusiclovr March 18, 2010
(1) A democratic country in North America composed of 50 states and three branches of government the Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

(2) a place everyone hates for being "ignorant" fat, stupid ass holes that just eat KFC and watch TV all day when they haven't even been here and think all Americans are alike by making judgments of us from what they see on TV.

(3) A place that every other country goes to for help for everything from protection to natural disaster relief (i.e. Pakistan right now with their floods) then say how much they hate Americans.

(4) The country that pretty much made or improved every invention used in modern society (i.e. electricity, airplanes, radio, cell phones, and even sliced bread)
Its always the best that's hated the most...your welcome world
by yesimamerican August 18, 2010
-A country whose only knowledge of the rest of the world is based on fox news and stereotypes.

-The internet nation

-A bigoted piece o'land

-A country full o'people that misspell british english
American 1: Hey, look, a mexican!
American 2: Yes, just look at that filthy bitch.

American 1: Hey let's play videogames and simulate that we're freeing countries that aren't asking to be freed!
American 2: Yeah! Pwned you n00bs!
by Rodrigo-oh August 27, 2006

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