facist pigs with as much money as idiots.
george w. bush is the rich idiotic president of america
by Kami-kun November 13, 2007
The United States of America. I just wanted to say, we're not arrogant. There is no other place on Earth called America. There is a North America, a South America, and, depending on where you're from, a Central America, but no continent called America. And if the United States of Mexico can call themselves Mexico, why can't we call ourselves America?

I'm sorry if your country has been insulted by an ignorant American. Not all of us are like that.

Not all of us hate immigrants. Actually, we're all immigrants, or descended from immigrants, except for the American Indians.
I hope that someday we will be able to get along better with other countries.
I also hope that someday our government will cease to be corrupt trash.
To those U.S. citizens who hate their country, maybe instead of complaining, you could do something to help this country become a better place.

If I sound kind of bitchy, sorry, but what I had originally typed had too many characters, so I had to make it brief.

Love your neighbors, no matter how far away they are, and you will be loved in return.
God bless America and all the other countries.
ignorant American: Canadians say aboot instead of about.

Intelligent American: You're wrong. Canadians don't pronounce it that way. And even if they did, it doesn't matter, because in case you haven't noticed, everyone has accents, even you and me.
by peaceforall November 25, 2010
Beautiful country full of intelligent and progressive people. It's not that Americans are so dumb that they don't know about the rest of the world. Put bluntly, they don't generally care because they've not really HAD to care until now. This is what happens when your own country is able to provide you with virtually everything you need and when it is perceived as a global superpower. It's common to not care about what's in someone else's house when you are so happy with what's in your own! Americans tend not to know a great deal about...oh...say...Europe because it is highly irrelevant to everyday American life. However, America is highly relevant to the everyday life of the average person in just about every other country known to man. For all the jealous whiners: don't hate America because it's beautiful!
Q:"If you had to choose, where would you most like to live?"
by BamaBrasiliera October 18, 2010
The most hypocritical nation on earth.
"Wow, America is so hypocritical"

Miley Cyrus
by fivepointsix August 21, 2009
1. Land mass in the western hemisphere, comprising of North and South America. In many countries, America is considered one continent, in others, it is split into two.
2. In the United States, America is synonymous with the U.S.A. and rarely used in the former sense. The continent itself is usally called "the Americas".
3. In the other countries of the American continent (especially in Latin American countries) America usually refers to the continent.
1. The continents of the world consist of Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Antartica and America.
2. America the beautiful. America for Americans. God bless America (and no one else)
3. These "yanquis" are getting on my nerve with their talk of America. Don't they know that America is the whole continent!
by Dymaxion November 03, 2005
A country situated in the Southern part of North America (that's not South America by the way) that is full of citizens who are convinced that America is the only free country in the world and if you said something bad about the government anywhere else, you would be arrested, tortured, and eventually killed. In reality, there are countries with more freedom than America. Most Americans have not left the USA, therefore, are not certain that other countries exist. Also, the majority of Americans are heavily geographically challenged and are convinced that:
A. The USA is a continent.
B. England is about the size of a paper clip with a population of about 12 who are stuck in the 6th century.
C. Haiti, Cuba, and other Carribean Islands are in Asia.
D. Canada isn't a real country.
E. America is the most technologically advanced nation in the world.
F. God should bless America...and no place else.
G. All immmigrants are illegal.
H. England would be speaking German if America didn't step into WWII.
I. Russians are still communist (sometimes contradicted with the question, "whats a communist?").
J. Everybody who is not American hates their country, loves America, and would die to live there.
K. The English language originated in America, and the English themselves speak a totally different language.
L. There is a language called "American".
M. America is the only country with electricty.
N. If you are not religious, you should be treated like crap.
O. America rules the world.
P. The American president is the world president and the most powerful man in the world.
Q. England is not free, it is ruled strictly by a queen who will have you beheaded for saying "I hate the queen!"
R. You should be able to die in combat before being able to drink alcohol.
S. Gasoline is the most environmental-friendly thing on Earth (more so than trees).
T. Walking, rather than driving, to a store that is 1/6 of a mile away from you is considered "suspicious activity".
U. Allowing everybody to freely have a gun is a good thing.
V. The local grocery store must sell guns and ammo (just in case the Commie Russians turn up).
W. America is the only country allowed to posses nuclear weapons (if you want to borrow one, just ask).
X. Canada consists of a bunch of eskimos who live with wolves and elk.
Y. America is the largest country in the world.
Z. The English take a break everyday at about 4 PM for "tea-time" which consists of sipping tea in a tiny cup and saucer.
Average American: America is the greatest country in the world, we're the only ones with freedom...and electricity.
by Sad-immigrant September 22, 2005
The country that everyone makes fun of on Urban Dictionary, but no one has any idea what he/she is talking about because he/she has obviously never been there.
Honestly, the more people, the more annoying people. It's pretty much proportional. America has a lot of people.
by superoki46 December 16, 2010

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