a country where as many as 3 people don't know who Bob Marley is.
American:"Who's Bob Marley?"
by cro-asia August 01, 2005
Ok, just so you know that America is not a country. America is the combination of North, Central and South America.

American is not just the people who lives in United States. What I'm saying is If you're an Canadian, Mexican or Brazilian citizen, you are considered as an "American."
Oh, America!
by PeterRDGriffin September 27, 2009
America...a great nation currently on its back...America has had some troubled years sure, but still some how, they still are the world power? America may fall apart, but we always rebuild stronger than we were before. The way the economy is built makes it so it is SUPPOSED to go down, its just built to go up a little higher than it was before it fell. America is a great country that the English should be proud of, not hate because we no longer 'belong' to them.

Lets get into a little history here.
The English DID NOT and I repeat DID NOT give America its independence, Minute men fought long and hard. The English did not sacrifice all those boats, guns, ammo, gun powder and lives of their own loyal people, just to 'give' us our Independence. Still don't believe me? go to a actually dictionary for once and look up give/gave, believe me now? alrighty then lets move on.

The English...are A fine people...but They are not perfect...they Have problems of their own, even though they pretend they don't. In history England has brought up some of the finest Arts in the world, America has brought few. Wait...thats Not fair...America Isan't near as old as England, so why should they get glory for being older? Give America a few hundred years and we will show just as many arts as you dam well please.

In the little time we've had as a country we have brought up the most technology one country can make. England...Plays and paintings are beautiful, but our art is technology.

"Americans are selfish with their technology, we British shared our technology with the world!"

1.If we invent the tech...we would like to use it...if we gave everything away we would have nothing left.

2. We give eco tech to other countries
Example: Currently America is building reflective mirrors that increase the suns energy for solar panels...and giving it to Spain.

3. England did NOT 'give' tech to just anyone, they gave it to people they had power over, the people they could control what they did with it and how much of it they used.

"Without the British Americans would be living in caves"

wow really?...Ok...another history lesson.

American Revolution
Location: England/English colony

This particular colony came from the main land
This colony were loyalists, just the same as any chap in London.
These chaps didn't like their government
They wanted their own government
They became BRITISH rebels with English accent and all.
Fought against government
government fought back
government had no choice but to give up
Rebel ENGLISHMEN 'become' Americans.
Thus Americans and Englishman ARE THE SAME.

Americans don't hate British through old wounds, in fact the Americans tried to keep strong ties with the British, for the Grand Union flag is an example of the Americans trying to stay friends with their old country. They put the union jack in the corner with the 13 red and white stripes...english didn't want to keep ties, so we said screw it and flag developed from there.

Americans and Englishman should have no reason to fight anymore, THE FIGHTING IS OVER! HAS BEEN FOR CENTURIES!
We are the same...we have similar beliefs...we go about them pretty much the same...cause If you notice we fight the same wars. War in Iraq, war on substance abuse, yada yada. Can we please just be friends? lets remake our grand union flag together!
American revolution
by Unsuperior April 28, 2009
the land of opportunity
america is the land of opportunity
by urbanmadman April 18, 2009
The most wasteful continent in the world. Declared independence in 1774. Today hold 310 million citizens. Causes the most pollution and obtains the most money.

Part of the UN division.

Most powerful continent in the world.

Africa, the lowest standard of management in the world, holds 800 million people. While America hold 310 million.

Africa uses 4 barrels of oil each year on average.
America uses 60 barrels of oil each year on average.

Africans get an average of $670 a year.

Americans get an average of $28,230 a year.
by rotex January 04, 2008
A non offensive way of saying Fuck Yeah. Usually said in a monotone voice.
You: Hey man, these pancakes are really really good today.
Me: America.
by Alex & Sean October 02, 2007
A place commonly bashed by absolutely everyone for reasons that are ignoantly blamed on every american, regardless of whether the american agrees with Americas policies and activities or not. foriegners also seem to think that they can run our country better than us and have better ideas than us. if this is true, why are we one of the worlds biggest and most influential super powers? i don't remember having that many presidents from canada or europe...not to bash other countries leaders, just saying... while we may occasionally have an unpopular president, this does NOT mean that every president that has ever lived has been bad or unpopular. In reality, America has its share of goods and bads just like every other country out there. why can't we all just respect each other and be patriotic at the same time?
American patriotism seems to have become uncool, despite the fact that it's what this country was built on
by RedBloodedAmerican January 21, 2007
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