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A word used by American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, to refer to the United States of America, (a mouthful of syllables often abbreviated as just "America"). "Usonian" citizens are just astute enough to realize that "America" is actually an entire continent, containing many countries, and that referring to one's self as "American", when visiting one's continental neighbors, is a slighting faux pax, as they too are Americans. Sadly, when the enlightened Usonian introduces himself as such, he is looked upon as strangely odd and consequently avoided. Hence, most Usonians stay at home, seeking enlightenment from the comfort of the couch, the TV and the refrigerator.
I am now and have always been, simply and proudly, a Usonian.
by Duh!Vinci August 06, 2007
The proper short-form term for the United States of America. "America", in its proper definition, is defined as the continents of North America and South America combined.
"America" is two continents, not the United States. If "United States" is too hard for you to pronounce, use "Usonia".
by Aaron, Earl of Vermilion August 22, 2009
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