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1. From the viewpoint of a true Average American, an Anti-American is one who hates absolutely everything about the country. The people, the culture, the government, everything. Usually hates Americans who've never hated different cultures and/or countries in the first place.

2. From the viewpoint of a Ultra-Conservative American, an Anti-American is one who does not agree with the policies of the Bush Administration.

1. Anti-American: "You people have no culture! You're based on senseless bloodshed for 300 years! You go over to Iraq for oil so you can consume, just like you to your McDonald's hamburgers. You don't know culture if it hit you. You take from every other culture and call it your own! You had 9/11 coming to you. Such an inferior culture deserves an action against them."

Average American: "Last time I checked, many European countries took over continents and killed off civilizations and tribes, including tribes in Africa and the Mayans and Aztecs in South America. You all took over areas in Africa and South America, India, and China and called it your own. We are the result of your European Imperialism. Now, even though we shouldn't be in Iraq, it's safe to say that what we have done is very mild to what many European countries have done already in the past."

2. Anti-American: "Your country is alright, but Bush needs to get out of office. Also, maybe America should pull out Iraq, it's not solving anything."

Ultra-Conservative American: "Shut the hell up, you French snotty-nosed bastard! We are the world's best country and don't you forget it! USA! USA!"
by mhavas703 November 29, 2007
The world's sole superpower that every other country loves to hate based on stereotypes and a horrible president, yet people don't realize that this country is known for also being diverse. Also, despite bad things about the country, there are some good things too, like every other country on Earth.
Bob: "I love America."
Todd: "Shut up and go eat your Mcdonald's. Fat, white, idiotic bastard."

Bob: "I love America."
Todd: "Yeah, it isn't too bad. The people are nice and some of my favorite music was created in the country, including Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, and House music."
by mhavas703 November 29, 2007

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