A word coined by Jesse. Which means to be absolutely awesome
Jesse is amazeballs. He can eat cereal with both hands at the same time.
by not_jesseee December 10, 2014
Something that is so awesome it could kill you.
"That's so amazeballs."
by bellza July 27, 2014
Very spectacular, describing something with high regards
That sex was amazeballs
by Amanda duckling January 10, 2014
Better than both amazing and balls. Something of epic proportions.
Craig is not a bigot, he is the most amaze-balls person ever!
by CdubOld November 30, 2010
A much better way of saying amazing. I mean balls shrink up and down, hold sperm, are wrinkly, yet cute...they are amaze balls
Dude, let's hit the club, we'll get crunk and get our dance on; it'll be amaze-balls
by curlyallison August 15, 2013
something which is so amazing, you can't just say it's amazing so you say 'amazeballs,
that icecream is totes amazeballs
by lolly123 May 11, 2012
Fricken amazing as fuck you just want to use it all the time:)
I just got a new iPhone
Dude thats Amazeballs!!
by Taylor Ate your condom. :D November 12, 2012

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