Amanda is a woman full of love with a heart of gold" she loves being pampered with by her husband! She loves to know she is the queen of his heart! She loves a man named Eugene, she feels compatible with him,
Amanda loves being pampered by eugene
#love #happiness #family #hardworking #sociable #talkative #never boring
by Ajg February 28, 2015
A girl with:
Dem eyes
Dat booty
Dat smile
Dat afono
1-Dude, that chick is swell!
2-She must be Amanda
#sexy #special #super #chipotle #sunset
by Italian Sub May 14, 2015
The Name Of a Female Child.
Mother is in a hospital. She has a Baby. "Lets Name Her... Amanda!"
#amanda #girl #female #ammanda #amahnda #amandu #name #child
by iMeow November 15, 2009
Hood Rat
Amanda just wants to do hood-rat things with her hood-rat friends
#booty #poop #pooper #loop #hoolahoop
by Pooper2Hotty May 06, 2015
A person who is meant to be pushed through overbearing obstacles in life. She is meant to be used to uplift other people's spirits and to be dragged down by the people who have used her. A very naive person who has a hard time realizing the bad in people and blames herself. She is used by others and trashed when she can't take it anymore. A worthless love to take on because of all the hate the world has fed her. Easily changeable person but sticks to their morals no matter what. Usually has an above average rating in looks and is seen by most men as a peace of meat. Seen by most people as the most useful item. Amanda's tend to only want the best for people even though she has made mistakes and because of that she is the most hated when she slips up because she tries her best to never slip up. She only exists to be the person that others can hate to make them selves feel better. Running down an Amanda into the ground can be the most fulfilling stress reliever. Everyone hates a person who is strong, moralistic and loyal. The perfect person to use and betray.
Guy:Oh grate it is Amanda..
Guy2:I know I secretly love making fun of Amanda.
Guy3:Yep it's Amanda all right, to good for any of us of course.
Guy4:I love Amanda and I also love telling her how wrong she if I ever get a chance
#amanda #girl #one of a kind #item #useful #abused often #amandies
by An0n4life November 18, 2012
A friend who is just awesome and hilarious! She's the best friend a girl could have.
She is very socially awkward but people love her anyway.
She fights over Matt Damon with her friend Megan but Megan always wins.
She is one with the Elk.
Megan: Amanda, Matt Damon is MY lover.
Amanda: You're right....Matt Damon belongs to you.
#aman #da #cool #awesome #elk
by ElkFan January 16, 2009
an inconsiderate bitch who walks all over people and uses her beauty the wrong way. boasts about being better than people in a 'joking' manner but is really just her bitchiness shining through.
some random hobo: dude who is that bitch with gorgeous eyes?!

some other random hobo: that's Amanda! She's a fucking slutbag!
#manda #mandy #mandi #bitch #slut #whore
by bro1671872372782sma January 12, 2015
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