The Name Of a Female Child.
Mother is in a hospital. She has a Baby. "Lets Name Her... Amanda!"
by iMeow November 15, 2009
Any of the class of manipulative schemers who try to pass themselves of as good people named Amanda. Amanda's always are truly selfish bitches who never think about people who aren't themselves, though they act like it. Amanda's are 30% more likely than the general population to develop a personality disorder.
What's wrong with Amanda?

Damn man the same thing that's always wrong with her. You're just not blinded by her bullshit and Lies anymore.
by besavage4me April 21, 2015
A friend who is just awesome and hilarious! She's the best friend a girl could have.
She is very socially awkward but people love her anyway.
She fights over Matt Damon with her friend Megan but Megan always wins.
She is one with the Elk.
Megan: Amanda, Matt Damon is MY lover.
Amanda: You're right....Matt Damon belongs to you.
by ElkFan January 16, 2009
Usually a name that is recognizable; someone who is full of crap and who wants all the attention. That is all. Actually theres more, I just don't want to mention anything else because it would be inappropriate.
Amanda wants all the attention. She thinks she is attractive but she really is not.
by Cutipoo1 July 25, 2014
Amanda is a Very horny girl and masturbates when ever she has the chance to, she is very pretty and has very nice curves. She can usually knows how to drive stick and she can seriously work your stick
Amanda is so hot and she can't keep off my D.
by pandaman69 May 11, 2014
An Amanda is a good girl gone bad who loves to laugh and cares deeply for those who need help the most.
Hey look its Amanda, she really knows how to smoke a bleezy!
by gerardos February 02, 2010
A girl who is always worried about her health and well being; constantly assumes she is sick and never stops talking about it.
Sandy: Oh God I never get sleep anymore!

Amanda: Oh ya well I have to take pill just to sleep for a couple of hours and I might have restless leg syndrome.

Sandy: Just shut up would you no one cares.

"everybody nods"
by Mattg7344 July 14, 2012

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