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In other words OMG but just called that as it is quicker and one word.
Amagad! I love that!
Amagad! Isn't that gorgeous?
by Anon November 21, 2004
Amagad is short from "oh my god", it's like when you're screaming fast. It's synonym of OMG, but it have better expression.

Amagad, that Tauren is 60lvl and full epix!
Amagad, my mom is gay.
by DizzApointed September 26, 2006
chat/irc/gamelanguage for : o my god
see: O M G

used in online games liek world of warcraft
a deviation from omg or zomg
amagad he wutufu pwnzdz j00
that grrl is liek amagad cute

amagad u R t3h suxx
by t3hijs November 28, 2006
a slang term of oh my god used by teenage girls to express shock.
amagad she did not say that!
by Re4guy1 September 14, 2010
"Oh, my God!" only made to express a situation that requires more than "oh, my God!" ; Like a more desperate situation when somethin really crappy happened to you.

The "oh, my God!" for people that are to lazy to write it.
"Am Ag Ad" I got banned!!!"
by Treflonso August 20, 2007

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