"Tripping balls" on drugs, ie, quite high indeed.
The more intense version of alto.
We're all alto, but she is fucking altoid over there.
by Behest October 14, 2007
Term referring to a short, white person, due to altoids being small, white, and curiously strong.
Person 1: Look at you! Your such an altoid!
Person 2: What? Why?
Person 1: because your small, white and curiously strong
by Dusting Grose May 17, 2008
Altoid is a word that could be used when someone is acting strange or weird, or bold and strong like an altoid.
Friend: Dude whats up with her?

You: I dont know shes being an altoid
by aLegit Person July 09, 2009
joint, marijuana cigarette

Named because the small tin container that altoid mints come in often holds joints when the mints are gone.
"Hey Mary, wanna go out for an altoid and a beer after work?"
by DrPhil January 08, 2006
persons from the city of Altoona, PA
see also Altoid
I love those Altoids. They are from Altoona!
by SlurmISGood! April 04, 2003
Strong mints, Cinnamon is my favorite
Altoids can be sold in stores.
by Saints November 09, 2003
A term referring to a short white guy b/c an altoid is small, white and curiously strong
Look at you, your such an altoid!
by Dustin Grose May 18, 2008
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