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A fantasy, especially sexual in nature, that gets stuck in your head and keeps coming back to tease you over a period of days or weeks.
"Seeing her dancing in those red boots the other night really gave me a fantasy wedgie."
by DrPhil October 15, 2009
When a male pops a boner
Andrew is antzpantz when he sees alonzo
by DrPhil October 17, 2003
That state that you reach during a long airplane flight which is somewhere between sleeping and dozing. You wake up thinking you have slept for an hour but only five minutes have passed.
"Gawd that flight back from Asia was long and all I got was slowzing."
by DrPhil October 15, 2009
A male who slaps another male with an erect or semi-erect dick
Alonzo dickwhips Andrew every day
by DrPhil October 17, 2003
The round suction cup mark that a gps leaves on the inside of the windshield.
I let Helen borrow my car for her trip to New Jersey and the little bitch left me with a windshield hickey.
by DrPhil August 04, 2011
joint, marijuana cigarette

Named because the small tin container that altoid mints come in often holds joints when the mints are gone.
"Hey Mary, wanna go out for an altoid and a beer after work?"
by DrPhil January 08, 2006
guys I'd like to fuck

Often said by married women in the context of ..."if I were single"
"Marty is on my 'g.i.l.f. if I were single' list"
by DrPhil January 08, 2006

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