The Altoid is a creature standing at two feet tall and can ownly be beaten by another Altoid in a fight. It is a natutally frustrated creature can be found talking in third person and spending time with it's natural friend the British Chippy.
OHHP! Altoid Pissed! OHHP! Altoid, hurt.
by British Chippy May 01, 2009
One of The Fist's youngest members. Though not there every reset, she tries. I think.
Altoid: newest member of DD.
by Boochies August 27, 2003
a short girl, usually 13 or 14, a young age.
rachael g is an altoid
by bounce April 10, 2004
code name fo weed biach!
damn homie i need some altoids
by ABBA ZABBA December 19, 2004
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