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She can be crazy, fun, loving, sexy and has a heart to share to anyone who wants love her back and shes not afraid to tell you how she feels. A true friend where building a relationship with will uplift a sad life to having many adventures creating a better life to live with.
Alora, you are such a crazy, happy friend I love the way your dancing can turn me on when I'm feeling down.
by RippedRobot January 17, 2013
The girl that's fucking your mom.
Alora's a goddamned boss and this website can't even handle her glory
by Aztaroth December 01, 2015
Is the name of an estrogen patch in the United States. It is a delivery system for estradiol, which is used as hormone replacement therapy to treat the problems of menopause, such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness.
I need an Alora to wet my vagina!
by soooodry August 04, 2012
Characterized by its long ears, bobbed tail, excessive bodily fluids (i.e. saliva), sometimes gooey skin and fur, characteristic 'nom nom' sound made when eating, unique perversions, chic'he fashion sense, groans, moan, squeals, squeaks, guttural bellows, crude language, laser-like urinary habits, flatulence, infatuation with genitalia (in particular, male) and mostly, adourableness.

This creature is often seen rummaging through cupboards in search of peanut butter an' honey. While searching, it makes a distinct cry, sounding like a shriek followed by mumblings, as it reads, by habit, the ingredients found in whatever it lays its paws upon, usually then followed by ravenous, disgruntled nomming.

Another trait of the Alora is its peculiar method of eating. While perched, rather than sitting, on anything higher than ground level, it tears its food into small, easily edible bits, so as not to dull its sharp fangs.

These sharp fangs are used in the hunting of small woodland creatures, more often than not, the fox in particular. The word 'hunt' is used more in the meaning of 'sport' rather than 'survival. Often the Alora can be seen laying bait of Pineapple, Orange Juice and the characteristic misleading lure of the 'wiggling tail dance'.
"Christ! Did you see the way that chick ran?! It was like I was watching an Alora chase down a fox!"

"Geez.., Nancy is such an Alora... have you ever been to the grocery store with her? Whatever you do, just stay away from the... Well, from everything."
by Ghost Fox March 14, 2010
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