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Person with discombobbled facocked shnozola-like protrusion originating in the forehead and eventually curling back into the upper lip
Ouch. That Aloe on your face poked my eye out.
by Native March 07, 2003
6 26
That state between epic and uncool.
When something is just pleasently suprising.
Tom: What are the plans for tonight?
Jack: Maybe a movie and some food?
Tom: Ahh, that sounds aloe, but how about we hype it. Kanye West is playing at the 02!
Jack: Sure thing!
by Simi002 June 17, 2011
31 23
Averagely cool.
Not awesome, and not suckish.
Person A: I am going to see the new movie tonight!
Person B: Ahh. That’s aloe, but I am going to Miami tomorrow!
Person A: You win, you win!
by Simi001 June 17, 2011
27 19
Using a better alternative than lotion to masterbate.
Oh god the Aloe lasted so much longer than the generic lotion last night.
by Danny Jean February 07, 2005
20 36