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when you pick up the phone, you say "alo" as the first word, just like "hello"
john: "alo, who is this?"
phone: "this is the police"
john: "oh"
by uptherabbithole May 16, 2009
Alo is undefinable. It is derived from the tribal language of the Bengali. It is commonly used in Spanish conversations.
This world is aloed.
I just failed a math exam, alo.
by Ari December 16, 2004
when your moist wet vagina releases a hard cock in the middle of a rainy night
whys cabo not here today?......................
You didnt hear man he had his alos last night.
by john dubie October 14, 2009
"Ålø" is a way of saying "fuck yeah" in Norwegian. It can also be used as a response to almost anything, though often used sarcastically. The word is very commonly used amongst norwegian teenagers.

The word first snuck its way into the norwegian language by being used by immigrants who made their own mixture of norwegian and their native language; the words origin is therefore shrouded in mystery.
Dude: Hey man! The pizza we ordered just arrived!
Bro: Ålø


Dude: Ålø, check out that booty over there!
Bro: Damn, thats a fine piece of ass
by GolfWang69 June 01, 2016
french way to say hello. the don't pronounce the hello, and change the e to an a sound.
phone rings
person: alo?
by sparkle June 25, 2005
To elbow someone in the gut followed by an immediate backhand to the face. Only seen done under the influence of alcohol.
Man after he got wasted he pulled a lo on his girl.
by 12e_JynXed April 19, 2009
A nickname for a man named andy with a booty like J-lo. A-Lo's can be commonly seen working in middle management at Wal-mart. If not at work, he can also be seen playing W.O.W in his cave Also Fluent in Spanish.
EXAMPLE: Damn look at that A-Lo Booty

EXAMPLE: He's still, He's still A-Lo from the block

EXAMPLE: Can A-Lo please come to isle 3 for customer service.
by HurryKane June 21, 2010
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