something that exists on europa and at area 51. Living things from another planet. Also people from a different country.Yea. but in 1960 there was a ufo crash (yes a lot of those videos are fake but some have yet to be proven wrong) in new mexico and a guy got some crazy footage, but the government took it all away and the guy mysteriously died (government killed him). Also an f16 in isreal chased one but the f16 vanished... also another case in which a pregnant lady claimed to have been abducted, and lost the baby and became not pregnant... then 8 years later she saw the daughter in a ufo. You cant make up losing your pregnancy. yea well anyway there are too many planets to not have there be life anywhere else. why do you think area 51 has a zone where if you pass it you get shot? and they have soldiers that blend in with the ground and mountains
Illegal aliens came to America.

Aliens from other planets have came in contact with humans.
by Alex14 June 19, 2006
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People from outerspace. Generally peace loving and wise, they've come to Earth because we've got velcro and they love that shit
I've got some Aliens living in my basement
by Quicksand Jesus May 02, 2004
1. A person from a foreign country
2. An extra-terrestrial being.
Paco is an alien
Oh my god is that an alien?!?!
by PhatDawg August 01, 2005
Being not of this planet earth.
"Hey mom, is that an alien or a robot?"
"I think it may be both, it's Al Gore son, just stay away from it."
by Ike b September 23, 2005
Something that stupid people say don't exist
Out of over 1 billion planets in the universe I would think more than one has aliens on it.
by Spikesy July 18, 2006
Film made in 1979, Directed by Ridley Scott. This takes place in the year 2037 onboard the vessel Nostromo. The crew is made up of Ripley, Dallas, Brett, Parker, Lambert, Kane, and Ash. The vessel recieves a message from an unidentified craft that was in distress on LV-426. The Crew answers the call, but while on the planet, Kane finds thousands of eggs, and one hatches and a creature attachs to his face. Later on the creature falls off, but implants an embryo which births an alien. The alien bursts through his chest, running off into the ship. Later on the Alien picks off the crew one by one until only Ripley is left. She then destroys the ship, and defeats the alien.
That movie Alien was excellent!
by 1337 Fork July 30, 2005
1. In terrestrial terms, those who come from another country, a.k.a. immigrant.

2. Usually refers to any being that isn't from the planet earth, a.k.a. extraterrestrials (E.T.)
by Loki August 04, 2003
An excellent science fiction movie series. Features a race of insect-like aliens called Xenomorphs, which have acidic blood and a collective mentality. They lay eggs like normal insects, but the larvae can only mature into adults by leaping onto a host organism's face and injecting themselves dow into the digestive tract. The adults burrow themselves out of the host, killing it in the process.
Basically, if you have an alien Xenomorph on your planet, your species is doomed.
Not even the Marines were tough enough to face the Xenomorphs in the Aliens movie.
by AYB October 17, 2003

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