If you're wondering why you can't speak nor breath, don't worry, she's known to make you speechless, and take your breath away. She's loving, caring, laid back, and the most beautiful thing you'll ever lay eye's upon. You can tell her anything without fear of being judged, so talking to her comes naturally. If you give her a compliment, and she denies it, don't worry, she's one of the most humble people you'll ever meet, there isn't the slightest touch of arrogance in her ways. With one or two words, she can make or break you, for she speaks the truth, and when she speaks, her words are spoken as if she was an angel. If you're ever cold, she'll be there to warm you, if you're lonely, she'll be the first to offer company. She only asks to be treated, as she treats you. She knows that to be happy in life, you don't need to be rich, or well off, just with those you love. And if you look into her eyes, you'll experience the most beautiful, warming, and mind numbing sensation known to man. You can get lost in her eyes, but wow, when you look into them.. There's a connection like no other. So, if you're lucky enough to have her in your life, never take it for granted, I don't.
by TheTruth24/7 November 22, 2011
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a girl who loves to party. best flirt who makes guys drool. not the best at relationships or at spelling. but is the best listener and great at solving problums and weasling out. veeerrry sexual and sexy body with a kicken butt.
"damn dude! look at kaleen she looks bom! yeh but shes no Alexis!"
by YoYoFu July 10, 2008
Alexis is a beautiful girl, but doesn't believe that. She's insecure about her body, and worries a lot how people look at her. She's full of love, but never finds the right guy. She's understanding, funny, and is a great friend. She's been through a lot, so, she is also good at giving people advice. She's an animal lover, BIG animal lover. She is friendly, kind, but is easily upset. She always likes to feel important, and can get offended by things other people wouldn't see offending. But nevertheless, shes a great person at heart, its just, people don't fully understand her.
"Did you see Alexis's new pet?"
"no, she gets another one everyday."
by Lexaphobia August 18, 2011
If you’re like me this name sends a tingle down your spine... Alexis's are the most beautiful girls in the world and their personalities are just as beautiful. You will fall in LOVE with her so fast and quickly realize it’s a connection like no other. She will put a smile on your face even on the worst days. They are kind, caring, sweet, compassionate, ravishing, breath taking, astonishing, funny, amazing and honestly perfect... you will think they came from heaven. She is an amazing artist and photographer. She will finish your sentences which is so god damn cute. She will always be there for you when you need someone. When you are talking to one her voice is so soothing you wouldn't want her to stop. Her voice will put you in such a world of happiness and I’m telling you every chance you get you will want to talk to her and be with her... You will feel like the luckiest guy in the world. If you’re in love with one listen to your heart beat... it’s definitely beating her name... You will be able to share anything with her and you will become close to her very quickly and be prepared because you will never have a day were you will not smile because of Alexis... If you a lucky enough to be with an Alexis never ever let her go and hold on tight... She will quickly be the most important person in your life and the connection between Alexis to you will become clear and wow you. You will love her so much forever and always.
Alexis: You're Perfect
Me: Believe me the perfect part of me is you
by Bucs October 20, 2012
A pretty cool girl with a sense of humor and good looks.
Guy #1: Dude, I'd totally date an Alexis
Guy #2: I would too.
by annonymouse21234555 October 03, 2008
Alexis's normally are beautiful and very graceful. They normally have great smiles and a nice butt. Also they have great ta-tas. Alexis's normally makes guys hot for teacher and drool constantly. They also have cute noses and can turn anyones day into an amazing time.
Boy: Hey, what's up with that ghetto booty?
Guy: Nah man that's just alexis.
Boy: I think I'm hot for teacher.
by Ninjathief-192 March 04, 2009
usually the happy one, always talkitive. loves to dance when she hears music, has a cute laugh. and an amazing smile. shes usally tall. and is truly beautiful. usually a great kisser, and thinks bj's are nasty. she can brighten a day up for anyone,
boy#1: who is that girl?!
i want her to be my babys mama.
boy #2:
ohh dude, you call that chick an alexis.
by thephucker April 05, 2009
usually the happy one, always talkitive. loves to dance when she hears music, has a cute laugh. and an amazing smile. shes usally short. and is truly beautiful. usually a great kisser, and thinks bj's are nasty. she can brighten a day up for anyone She is serious but she can hang with the guys. She keeps secrets extremely well, and she is very loyal. A great speller, extremely intelligent, and everything you would want in a girl. She is also very hard to keep. If you are lucky enough to get her and she loves you, give that girl a ring!
dude#1 who is that girl over there
dude#2 oh!!!!thats just alexis shes just amazing
by lexy23 June 07, 2011
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