A straight slutty name to start off with but shes a liar and she doesnt like you shes only using you because she needs someone but when shes done shell stab you in the back and hope you get hit by a bus.
"Alexa is a straight hoe, how could anyone like her?"
by You Dont Know me October 13, 2015
Alexa is the most fakest person you will ever meet in your life. She will try to become so so close to you but everything you tell her she goes straight to her bff since pre-k and tells her everything, not just her bff but her whole SQUAD. Squad as in the most fakest people in your grade.

She is known as "Alexa ______" everyone knows her if you say her first & last name. And that's not a good thing, even tho everyone including herself thinks it is.
She is the most mischievous person ever.

She sends nudes to all the upperclassmen, that's why all the guys want to talk to her. Every girl is jealous of her because she is well known & thinks that all the guys want her bc she's beautiful when really every guy wants her bc she is easy & she will give them what they want.

Not to mention she actually looks like a man in the face lmao. She thinks her butt is big & wears her jeans up her ass crack. She also tries showing off her "muscular thighs" that she thinks she has.

She is the worst friend ever, and you will realize that after getting super close to her for about 6-12 months. Then you'll realized she was the one who told all your secrets & shit.
Alexa's are pathetic & she will trick u into anything so be careful and DO NOT GET CLOSE TO ONE EVER!!!!!!
1. "Omg is Alexa going to be there?!"
"Yes that's why we're going!!!!"
2. "Omg is Alexa going to be there.."
"Yes that's why we're definitely not fucking going"

3. "Dude the only people I told were u & Alexa & now everyone knows. That's how I know YOU told"
"Are. You fucking. Kidding me. I'm not even going to tell you what's wrong with what u just said u crazy ass motherfucker"
by Slut, hoe, bitch, man face October 25, 2015
Name for a cute, bubbly girl. Usually starts out as innocent, but is easily corrupted. Alexas usually don't have large breasts or rears. They really like to get freaky in the bedroom though, being huge fans of anal, bondage, and other kinky stuff. Alexas are just all around fun to be with.
Girl 1: I heard that girl likes anal and blumpkins!
Girl 2: Wow, what a slut!
Girl 1: No, she's just an Alexa.
by Kyle.jpg October 22, 2014
Full stop.
You are not allowed to do that. (alexa)
by shory November 17, 2013
A bitch who does well in school only because she is a teacher's pet. owns a lake, mansion, and a jet. makes you want to shit out your eyes while vomiting out your ears. Alexa is just too damn popular, she also has the word dick in her last name.
who is that skank?
oh her? that's alexa, don't piss her off.
by phanpysam November 22, 2014
Someone that has a foot fetish and enjoys leading on enormous amounts of boys
That girl is such an alexa.

Yeah I saw her flirting with all the guys and licking their feet
by anonymous18273907 November 28, 2011
an incredibly bitchy, yet stupid girl. she is hot, though and knows how to do it. everyone loves her, and they don't know why. all the boys get attracted to her incredibly large butt and large boobs. she is very popular but mean. she likes foods and is incredibly weird. she eats mayonnaise by itself but sometimes it can get attractive.
'alexa is really bitchy'

'thats because her name is alexa'
by yerrassisnice1 June 04, 2013

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