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Someone that has a foot fetish and enjoys leading on enormous amounts of boys
That girl is such an alexa.

Yeah I saw her flirting with all the guys and licking their feet
by anonymous18273907 November 28, 2011
an incredibly bitchy, yet stupid girl. she is hot, though and knows how to do it. everyone loves her, and they don't know why. all the boys get attracted to her incredibly large butt and large boobs. she is very popular but mean. she likes foods and is incredibly weird. she eats mayonnaise by itself but sometimes it can get attractive.
'alexa is really bitchy'

'thats because her name is alexa'
by yerrassisnice1 June 04, 2013
a popular girl's name, used to describe someone who is very stereotypical of a teenage girl: blonde, cell phone addicted, popular, boy crazy, and kinda bitchy
Wow, look at that total Alexa!
by SunnyAJ October 01, 2006
yum yum yum! gives the best b jays
alexa bjayed her finger
by scenedinasuar August 25, 2008
The biggest bitch you will ever meet. She cannot take a simple joke and will start a fight with you but will not win. She acts all tough but she is really not. In the end you will be friends again but then months later you will fight again.
Girl 1: Did you hear about the fight between Alexa & Oliva?
Girl 2: Yeah, I heard Alexa lost!
by alexahatter April 26, 2012
a girl who thinks she is better then everyone else and never takes responsibility for her actions. she whines excessively and never shuts up. she has a bad attitude and sleeps with everyone.
ugh, not Alexa.
i hate Alexa.
if you see Alexa, stay away from her.
by anon012 September 04, 2012
A busto hoe from a grimy place . Likes to fuck guys] for attention. She is willing to get ran in bathrooms, houses, cars, etc. Most alexa's come off nice and are sensitive.
Guy : "Heyy you wanna fuck ?"
Alexa: "Omg! yes lets do it in the bathroom over here!"
by Thattttbitcchhhhh(: February 21, 2012