Incredible. Absolutely Incredible. Sexy. Talented. Smart. Almost perfect. Fucking incredible.
Wow, that girl is incredible and super sexy...her name must be Alexa!
by Sabertooth May 05, 2013
She is the most beautiful girl you'll know, she's really funny and down to earth, she has an amazing personality that you can't find anywhere else, she's caring, intelligent, beautiful, cute, hot, awesome, smart, lovable, pretty, incredible, fantastic, fun, weird, outgoing, gorgeous, breathtaking, amazing, and perfect, she fights for what she believes in, she makes you feel happy, she has a fun crazy side and a fun lovable side, she's everything a guy could want and more and if you have the chance to be with her treat her like no one matters
Alexa is beautiful
by Unknowncaller January 02, 2014
Alexa is a woman who is extremely funny without meaning to be. She will make the people around her laugh until their sides hurt and have no idea how she does it. She normally plays a super cool instrument and can also sing. She is very creative and artistic. She is also a night owl, mornings and Alexa do not sit well together. Overall she's a very good friend however her mouth can sometimes slip up accidentally and she can pass on secrets without meaning to.
Meaning: protector of men

Person: wow you were absolutely shredding it on the double bass, what's your name?

Alexa: my name is Alexa

Person: well that makes sense!
by rhinothehamster October 16, 2013
A beautiful girl that loves to have fun. She's a flirt but if she truly falls for you she'll keep you close. She loves going on new adventures and exploring new things. She all about having a good time.
I want to go on an Alexa
by Daddddddddo January 14, 2014
Alexa is the most amazing and beautiful person you will ever meet. Everyone loves alexa and the more you get to know her, the more you'll love her. She's a great friend and an even better girlfriend wnd if you date and alexa, you're one really lucky guy. Everyone should get to know an alexa. She's unneccessarily insecure about herself even though she shouldn't be and if she loves you, she'll never leave you. She's also a lot of fun and she's hilarious
is that alexa?
by ayeeee its me February 24, 2015
Alexa is a term to describe someone who is very crazy. An Alexa is a very wild, yet fun person to be around. She does like to "get the cock" once in a while though. An Alexa can be sweet, loveable, and fun to be around. Alexa is beautiful, but sometimes moronic.
Person 1: wow I'd love to have an Alexa
Person 2: totally!
by It'shorasbaby1230 October 14, 2013
A girl who is silly and into doctor who and harry potter. Funny and dramatic.
I have a friend named Alexa.
by May 15, 2016
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