The most sexy girl in the world. Shes has big boobs and A nice ass. Amazing body and and amazing girl. Shes beyond hot, the nicest person you will ever meet; and as real as it gets.
Alexa is the perfect package
by Yeahbudddy December 13, 2011
A spontaneous, awesome, if slightly moronic, person who is extremely hyper. Never a dull moment around this person; the life of the party. Extremely ADD. Often comes with backacne. Very lovable, you can't hate her. Deffinitely very random. Fun person to be around. :3
-Did you see Alexa at the party today?

-Yeah, she was dancing on the tables!! She's sooo fucking crazy!
by &&Special;; December 05, 2008
She is the most beautiful girl you'll know.She's really smart,has a one of a kind personality that you won't be able to find some one who has one like it.She's often extermely hyper but its calm sometimes too.Im so glad i met her.Ilove her so much but sometimes she just wants to fight.Which sucks because ur gonna lose.Her eyes are so beautiful.She gives the best hugs.Shes the most amazing girl your ever going to meet.Who ever ends up with her will be the luckiest guy on earth because shes everything i guy would want or dream of.
Me:ugh i love her so much


Me:because shes just alexa
by _coby_ January 15, 2012
Without question, no one could mention a person, a girl, a women as beautiful as her. She's top of the pile, with a magnificent smile and curious genuine eyes. A person so big they stand 3-worlds tall, yet so humble the worlds are the smallest of all. Courageous and quick, she's not to forget, all the details around her which she grasps for her wit. Her skin is so soft and her laugh so sincere, she will hug you with a warmth that will scare away fear. When her head is on goal and her feet on the ground, she'll often walk faster than any man in the town. She's an agile one. Clever and crafty. She keeps track of her four until connected in harmony. She has a heart full of love willing to share. And loved by the many she will always be there. She's a fighter. A charmer with a genuine soul. She's stronger than most and know's not her own pull. It goes without question that there could not be one smarter. She'll go further and further while the rest of them falter. There are few, if any, that engender her splendour. Because she is 1 of A kind she is Alexa and that's all that should matter.
"She certainly has an Alexa way about her the way she warms up to those people."
"Look at the way she just Alexa'd that problem- piece of cake!"
by Bleue February 14, 2013
A very beautiful girl, inside and out. Hilariously random, and a great dancer. Girls with this name often ooze confidence, but are secretly insecure of their looks, even though they don't need to be. Often, she is addicted to internet chatting sites(i.e. Omegle). A girl named Alexa is a true friend. She'll be loyal to you no matter what. She's a badass time! But don't get on her bad side....!
That girl is such a good dancer....her name's probably Alexa.

I wish I was as beautiful as Alexa....!
by MeowMeow13 August 02, 2012
Is someone who is the most beautiful girl u would meet...shes amazin to be around....mad funny and usually extermely hyper...but thats why everyone loves alexa...she has an amazing personality..and its one of a kind u won't be able to find someone with the same or even close to her personality...she's sometimes acts dumb but is actusally really smart...she goes around using an indian only bothers some....not most...who ever ends up with her will be the luckiest person on earth and should treat he awesome...i love her..shes soo amazing
Yo see that girl i love her so much....cuz shes alexa.
by _cobs_ January 14, 2012
A girl. She's not the most popular... and many people think she is mean and rude, but if you get to know her you see that she is sooo sweet. And she's only mean because shes scared to let people in. She is actually an amazing friend, the most loyal you can have. She's sporty and fit. And she has amazingly soft hair and clear skin.
That's Alexa.
by Agirlsittinginthecornerr August 18, 2011
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