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The action of masturbating into a fireplace.
Ryan: I just got a chill, like a million voices suddenly cried out in horror and were suddenly silenced.
Ben: Oh, that was just Jon pulling an Alderaan.
#masturbation #alderran #fireplace #voices #screaming #deathstar #despayre
by Zxurian December 21, 2013
Peace loving planet in the inner rim of the Starwars galaxy, destroyed by General Gran Moff Tarkin during the rebellion. Now nothing more than a dust cloud.
"We will destroy the planet Alderaan"
- Gran Moff Tarkin
by Bjorn April 16, 2004
To destroy something
You better watch it, or I'll go Alderaan on your ass!
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
(Noun) Traitorous planet destroyed for its support of the terrorist organisation known as the "Rebel Alliance"
Alderaan was destroyed this morning. Syria is next.
by SDP August 21, 2003
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