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A collection of empty liquor bottles and few beer cans arranged on a wall or shelf, a testament as to how much was drank and how bauss you are

A common sight in college dorm rooms and apartments.
Young Blood: Hey can you put my Smirnoff Ice on our collection?
Baby Face: That''s Pussy shit, but yeah I'll put it on the Alcowall
Young Blood: Yeah "Alcowall" that's a good one!
by BabyfaceO March 23, 2013
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A collection of empty beer and liquer bottles arranged on a wall or shelf, a testement as to how much was drank.

A common sight in college dorm rooms and apartments.
"Those two fifth of Smirnoff, one handle of Rubinoff, and sixty beer bottles make for quite the alcowall"
by Jake February 26, 2005
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The proverbial "wall" you hit when you realize you've been drinking for way too long (hours, days, weeks), usually accompanied by a bullshit declaration that you're never drinking again.
"Um, Amber? We've been drinking for eight days straight."
"So? We're in Cabo."
"No. I've hit an alco-wall. I feel disgusting. I'm never drinking again."
"Until tomorrow."
"Yeah, probably."
by CTH3 September 12, 2008
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The limit that's passed when someone actually becomes drunk.
She drank five shots and hit the alcowall hard.
by AK Punk January 10, 2010
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