An alternative term to refer to an alcoholic.
Bryan: "Yeah, mate, I've been an alcoholist for 6 years now, mate"

by Paul Phoenix April 27, 2006
Top Definition
Much different than an Alcoholic. Alcoholists do not have a dependency on alcohol. They merely enjoy drinking large amounts of alcohol to reach that "happy place", which usually means blacking out and trying to figure out what the hell happened last night.
Dude I'm not alcoholic. I'm an alcoholist.

All alcoholists have a a flask full of Jägermeister and red bull to have an instant Jäger bomb.
by whitie1234 August 30, 2010
An expert at alcohol. Like a specialist~ a professional. Someone who is a specialist at alcohol. Unlike the term "alcoholic", which has a negative connotation, an "alcoholist" is someone who is a specialist at alcohol. They are unlikely to be a drunk, but more akin to a connoisseur of alcohol. This is a compliment, and a term of respect and camaraderie.
That person is a pianist.
That person is a specialist.
That person is a biologist.
That person is an economist.
**That person is an alcoholist.**
by Korean Rep. February 10, 2012
Discrimination against alcoholics. Legislation and practices that unfairly remove the rights of alcoholics.
Tax on alcohol, dry counties, etc. Grocery store rewards programs that don't reward alcohol purchases. Hey man, you aren't gonna sell me that beer just because it's sunday but i can still buy a soda, that's makes you an Alcoholist!
by sethnw July 19, 2010
A person that drinks alcohol (usually beer) regularly yet is still able to function & can be fine without it.
I thought she had a drinking problem because she usually has a few glasses of wine at night, but after that weekend with no booze at my parents house, I think she may just be an alcoholist.
by Medl4 June 04, 2014
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