noun. The most awesome, questionably human, guy in the world. An Albinomonkey is very agile and restless and is often seen climbing trees, jumping fences, and generally performing awe inspiring feats of skill. Albinomonkies are pale like vampires, yet very attractive to all females. An Albinomonkey is nice, humble, and has amazing hair that resembles that of a greek god. Most humans find Albinomonkey mind numbingly hot, and must avert their gaze to retain their sanity.
Dude, i think I just saw a white Ninja...

That must of been the crazy ass Albinomonkey!
by WitnessOfTheMonkey October 14, 2008
Top Definition
It's a derogatory term to refer to a White guy or girl. Because White people are hairy like monkeys.
The Japanese use the term shiro-saru, which translates to Albino monkey to refer to a White American or European. Native Americans, Latinos, and Asians use the term Albino monkey in their own languages.
Native American - look at that ugly Albino monkey.
Asian - Look at that Albino monkey eating bananas.
Japanese - That Albino monkey shiro-saru can sure climbed a tree.
by Wolvess November 05, 2011
A new, hurtful racial slur towards white people, which isn't because they are hairy like monkeys, but because they look like albino monkeys.
White Racist to Black Guy: "N****r".

Black Guy: *laughs* "At least I'm not an albino monkey"
by JohnDoe123abc March 20, 2013

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