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A racial slur towards white people
White racist to black guy: "You're a n****r."

Black guy: "hahahaha, I'd rather be a n****r than a f**king snow monkey."
by JohnDoe123abc March 16, 2013
When something or someone goes or went kalooey, that means that person or thing went crazy or got out of control.
At first when Chris Brown saw Drake flip him off in the club, he thought to himself, "You know what. I'm here to have a good time. I'm just gonna brush my shoulders off about this and Im just not gonna let the haters get me down.". But when Drake sent Chris a picture of himself and Chris's girlfriend Rihanna in the praying mantis position, Chris said, "ahh heeelll no!", and that's when things just went kalooey.
by JohnDoe123abc January 21, 2013
A new, hurtful racial slur towards white people, which isn't because they are hairy like monkeys, but because they look like albino monkeys.
White Racist to Black Guy: "N****r".

Black Guy: *laughs* "At least I'm not an albino monkey"
by JohnDoe123abc March 20, 2013

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