Shit a firm, long shaped turd on a cutting board, plastic wrap, etc. Put it in a freezer until it's solid, then use it as a dildo and fuck your chick with it. RE: call in on Bubba the Love Sponge show.
Missy's lesbian girlfriend lost their strap-on so they had no choice but to do the Alaska pipeline but Missy didn't like the mess when it thawed.
by Flech belcher May 30, 2008
Top Definition
The Alaska Pipeline is when one person shits a nice long turd, freezes it, the uses it to fuck another person. either in the pussy or in the ass.
He pulled that Alaska Pipeline out of the freezer and fucked me with it.
by HopSing May 16, 2008
Freezing a condom and shitting in it and using it to fuck someone in the ass
Did you bang her?
No, she only wanted a alaska pipeline.
by jwrj53 January 14, 2013
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