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(v) Having sexual intercourse.
"Cause a nigga like me'll lay plenty of pipe" -- Ice Cube (I'm only out for one thang).
by VAKI5 October 23, 2003
To engage in coitus or sexual intercourse; to bone.
I only lay pipe to dimes.
by Cut Quanta November 26, 2002
To have sex or bone.
I really have to lay some pipe!
by caesar December 09, 2003
Rap term for having sex
I lay pipe with all the lonely bitches while their husbanz hard at work.
by Nickotine May 29, 2005
the act of putting in infrastructure for future boning. to set the ground work for a potential hook up down the road.
Dude, I really need to lay pipe with these girls this weekend, then next weekend we can bone them.
by boomboomroom555 February 22, 2010
Refers to the act of pooping, specifically a turd that makes contact with the bowl from back to front - similar to the action of laying sewer pipe.
"I hadn't shit in three days so I really needed to lay pipe."
by Jack December 23, 2004
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