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Freezing a condom and shitting in it and using it to fuck someone in the ass
Did you bang her?
No, she only wanted a alaska pipeline.
by jwrj53 January 14, 2013
A mole on the upper lip the makes you like a hooker.
Kaden has a whore freckle hes such a hooker.
by jwrj53 August 21, 2011
A combination of a blumpkin and an alaskan pipeline.

Shitting while getting a blowjob and then putting it into a frozen condom to fuck a girl in the ass.
I gave her an alaska blumpkin.
by jwrj53 January 14, 2013
Someone who has sex with men, women, animals, and inanimate objects.
I saw a guy fucking a dog, and then a water bottle, he must be a nitrosexual.
by jwrj53 August 21, 2011
Someone who has sex everyday
also spelled Ho
John banged everyday this week, hes such a hoe
by jwrj53 August 21, 2011
Prostitute or Hooker
John has sex for money, he must be a habile.
by jwrj53 August 21, 2011
slang for Penis
written by James Jobe, Eli Joyner, and Ashley Bishop.
She ate my bacon.
I had to use more bacon grease.
by jwrj53 January 14, 2013
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