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its an arabic word which means all the blessings in the world. Its used as a name for girls. Usually if you are named like that, then the meaning really falls on you.
Its pronounced as (alaeh)
g1: hi, there.
g2: hi
g1: so wats ur name?
g2: Alaa
g1: nice
by L..a..(grt) March 31, 2009
Irresistible. Alaa is a the purest and is the most beautiful woman you will ever meet She has the most innocent soul. The complexities of her beautiful soul will mystify you till the end of the universe. Alaa has a great personality and easy to get along with. Alaa is a typically smaller woman with large breasts. She has beautiful innocent eyes that she charms people with; one of the most amazing people you will ever meet, almost like an angel. Alaas are very rare.
Omg look an Alaa!
No Way! It can't be! I want one!
by Steven S. P. October 19, 2011
the most amazing girlfriend ever she's everything a guy could ever want. she's sweet she's funny she's beautiful, she's amazing and that's why i love her. she's like the sun, without it there's no point in life.
Alaa is amazing.
by dolphins4life October 22, 2011
typically an Islamic name, usually given to a girl. "Alaa" means blessings.
I want to name my daughter Alaa.
by mtslady55 October 22, 2011
a gorgeous girl with beautiful eyes
I wish I was Alaa.
by Jellybeans27 October 22, 2011
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