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A girl's name coming from the Indian word meaning "shape", "your image", "beautiful form," and "innocence." The correct meaning is "An image which outshines every other outline of every creation on this earth whether living or non living." People with this name are kind, caring, quiet, calm, laid back, sometimes talkative, and good workers.
Akriti is so lucky to have such an awesome name.
by Zxy Vzxy April 12, 2010
pronounce (UH-kree-tee)

-someone really cool, laid back, and funny
AKRITI! ummmm...akriti is not very common but are very nice!
by THE DEFINER! February 25, 2008
Originally means ''shape''. But mostly involves a girl who is mental. Completely mental. 'Face is always shaped liked 'taare zameen par''
Hey man, what is wrong with that girl? Why is she so strange?
Dont you know? She's an Akriti. (taare zameen par music plays)
by man_with_a_straight_face August 09, 2012
A girl with nice butt and cute boobs
Your friend: "Hey look at her butt's man!"
You: "She's an akriti "
by wishin_656556565 May 29, 2011
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