adj. Being able to survive on exclusively on Lipton's Sidekicks and revealing only 1/4th of your face at any given time.
How can you eat that crap? God, thats so akisu.
by Takara June 28, 2003
Top Definition
Being able to put up with massive amounts of complaints and bullshit from random people.
Damn man, you're so Akisu
by number five June 30, 2003
v. To take unlimited amounts of pictures frequently of what you see every minute.
Why are you taking so many pictures of little children? Stop akisuing before you get caught!
by Usika July 20, 2004
n. The act dog love beyond the limit of human comprehension
v. When animals are constantly making love as you gaze dumbfoundedly at the act
adj. A word to describe animal nymphomania
As the crazy Montreal boy opened the front door, he noticed something horrible amidst his normally tranquil house. His dogs were doing the akisu.
'Stop akisuing!' exclaimed the bilingual boy, who was stupefied by his akisu dogs.
by Hah! You Missed! July 15, 2003
adj. having too much patience at the age of 16 without having white hair; liking small breasted girls
How the hell can you put up with that bullshit from those people?! You're so akisu!
My god, why were you staring at her flat boobs? You're so akisu.
by Saladin July 12, 2003
Being able to put up with loads of crap form other people while still enjoying what you do, somehow, and being able to run things smoothly without to many actual complaints
hustle example bustle
by 5FingerDiscount July 15, 2003
n., adj. v., 1. The martial art of repairing electronics, computer hardware or software; Performed by an akisu ninja.
2. Computer Hacking.
3. Japanese - opened nest; a stealthy thief or theft.
Having completed the akisu ritual, the ninja placed his soldering iron on the table, bowed to the customer and silently vanished.

Hey dude! I don't know what's wrong with this laptop. I think it needs some serious akisu.

Oh man! someone akisu'd my iPod touch. (which might mean that they nicked it or did some tricky hacking...)
by rinchomatic September 08, 2009
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