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n. 1. A master of the martial art of akisu.
2. One who repairs computer hardware or software as though it were a martial art form.
3. A hacker.
4. Probably also an actual ninja who acts as a "sneak thief".
Whoa dude, my computer is, like, seriously deranged. I'm taking it to see my friend; she's, like, an akisu ninja. She can fix anything.
by rinchomatic September 08, 2009
n., adj. v., 1. The martial art of repairing electronics, computer hardware or software; Performed by an akisu ninja.
2. Computer Hacking.
3. Japanese - opened nest; a stealthy thief or theft.
Having completed the akisu ritual, the ninja placed his soldering iron on the table, bowed to the customer and silently vanished.

Hey dude! I don't know what's wrong with this laptop. I think it needs some serious akisu.

Oh man! someone akisu'd my iPod touch. (which might mean that they nicked it or did some tricky hacking...)
by rinchomatic September 08, 2009

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