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An epitome to "genius" or the equivalent of clever. Also can be termed talkative.
OMG Mark is such an Akash
by theskyking September 08, 2006
a freaking awesome tool. usually surrounded by ladies and extremely smart, everybody wants to his friend
Tom Cruise was an Akash in college
by akshkmarmon November 05, 2007
Akash or Aakash is a popular north Indian name which means 'the sky'.
Akash Sharma - an Indian name.
by sharky89 December 12, 2010
Akashs are just wonderful people who are amazingly kind, caring, giving, generous, have the biggest hearts of gold, are just so amazing that words aren't enough to describe them.. they are perfect boyfriends and once someone finds them.. one simply does not let go of them..

They have a perverted sense of humour that will make you laugh like a dying seal.. they are super intelligent and can make you feel like an idiot because they know EVERYFREAKINGTHING.. they have the most amazing eyes that you can't stop admiring.. they have amazingly soothing voices that can make you feel safe and happy.. they are just amazing wonderful cute creatures that you can't get enough of.. ohh and they also have the power to kill you because they can take your breath away...

They won't leave you even when you're acting like a maniac because they get you and they kinda love you..

In short, they are perfect.. BETTER than perfect and EVERYONE should find themselves an Akash and then fall in love with them and marry them and never let them go!!
Dude, who's that perfect guy with those beautiful eyes!?
Ohh that's just my guy, Akash! :*
by weirdnessredefined May 07, 2013
savage,bad ass, beast, rich, and not sacred of anyone
Yo your akash at that football game dog
by Savage100 June 06, 2015
An Indian boy who currently is in 9th grade at Long Reach High School. He has gathered a cult following because of his large male organ in comparison to other South Asian men. Akash is skittish like a hummingbird and enjoys feasting on cat nip every once in a while.
Short midget: That Akash kid is such a strange kid!

Extra short midget: I know! But he's such a lil' cutie!
by goatfarmer77 February 27, 2011
A word to describe a person who is, overall; hated by society and many people in general. Also used for a person that society looks down upon.
An "Akash" begs someone at school how to get something. However, his constant begging pisses the hell out of his fellow student so he refuses. The "Akash" continues to beg.
by Sanskrit JanaGana January 01, 2012
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