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Akashs are just wonderful people who are amazingly kind, caring, giving, generous, have the biggest hearts of gold, are just so amazing that words aren't enough to describe them.. they are perfect boyfriends and once someone finds them.. one simply does not let go of them..

They have a perverted sense of humour that will make you laugh like a dying seal.. they are super intelligent and can make you feel like an idiot because they know EVERYFREAKINGTHING.. they have the most amazing eyes that you can't stop admiring.. they have amazingly soothing voices that can make you feel safe and happy.. they are just amazing wonderful cute creatures that you can't get enough of.. ohh and they also have the power to kill you because they can take your breath away...

They won't leave you even when you're acting like a maniac because they get you and they kinda love you..

In short, they are perfect.. BETTER than perfect and EVERYONE should find themselves an Akash and then fall in love with them and marry them and never let them go!!
Dude, who's that perfect guy with those beautiful eyes!?
Ohh that's just my guy, Akash! :*
by weirdnessredefined May 07, 2013

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