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ail, ailing, ailed, ailment (verb, noun, interjection)

an expression of some volume, high pitched and whining, meant to portray a sense of happiness or provide pedestrians with some distraction. The act of ailing is usually performed while extremely intoxicated, usually by a narcotic agent such as marijuana. Ailing is, as a rule, intended to bewilder and stun onlookers. In recent parlance, the word "ailment" has been appropriated for use in defining one's intoxication level.
ex. The Cond and I exchanged ails as he approached the party with a case of Budweiser.

ex. The joggers were stunned by the loud droning ail emanating from the passing Cadillac.

ex. "Hey dude, what's your ailment?"
"I'm fucking destroyed, man"
by The Cond August 27, 2005
exlaimation. gross, repulsive or otherwise undesireable. can be attributed to things, people, or actions that make you want to regurgitate.
I can't believe you just said that! AIL!
by sam snyder November 14, 2003
Person who gets a lot of shit from people usually for little or no reason. On the occasion she does get it, it's because she's being holier-than-thou.
-From GameFAQs
omgwtf I hatzorz Ail she's a wich lolol!
by d00d July 21, 2004
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