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Standing next to an Agustin is like being Steve Urkel standing next to Sam Jackson. You just don't compare. Agustin is at the new frontier of Awesome, battling the hordes from the land of Wannabe.

God loves Agustin. When Agustin prays, God makes popcorn, with extra blessings of butter. When Agustin gives thanks, God sends him You're Welcome cards in the mail.
I'm going to the club to find an Agustin tonight.
by TheMeaty February 03, 2010
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A charming young man who is an all around gentlmen. A man who knows and respects a women's values.He often is confused at what he wants and over thinks situations too much. He likes to share his love with others sometimes a little too much that people mistake it for something else. He is a very hard worker and loves to try new things for himself. He likes to prove he is the best at what he does. He is a very competitive person. Hes a boss ass bitch hahahaha ;)
"That guy is such an Agustin!"
"Agustin,but i call him pecas"
by TheBiggestBosss April 15, 2014

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