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also A.F.A.M.


Slang: foreigner.

This term rose to popular use when strip club dancers in Metro Manila started to abbreviate what they called the foreigners who came to watch them dance; each one was "A Foreigner Assigned in Manila."

As more of the foreigners explored the rest of the country, so did the word.
"Tip the waiter well, a lot of afams eat here, and they tip well."

by Metrotalk March 12, 2009
Slang for "African-American", taking the first two letters of each word to make "Afam". Refers to African Americans or Black.
Yeah, my best friend is an afam"

"So this Afam guy, tried to hit on my girl"
by NlenClrsre March 30, 2015
Abbreviation for "African-American" that saves time in conversation and when writing text.
The AfAm lady gave a speech on why all AfAms should be proud of the AfAm label. "AfAms," she declared, "Your family might have been here for 400 years, but I have built my academic career as an AfAm academic in an AfAm Studies Department on the idea that we are not real Americans, but hyphentated AfAms."
by Just Another Other Person March 31, 2011
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