a brutal death metal band from sweden. they have anti-christian beliefs and their songs are named like "god gives head in heaven", which is a great one. they play very technical and fast.
if you belief in god, and love god and so on... never listen to aeon or you will rage (or cry if your'e a pussy)
by soulbreaker June 26, 2009
Top Definition
Aeon is an imesurable length of time,
Linked to Aeonic Shadows
by Aeonic Shadows February 02, 2005
"a long time" as in "ages ago"
It's been aeons ago, that I last felt like this.
by Elfi H. M. Gilissen January 15, 2004
Aeons is a word used to describe a series of words without having to use many.

-> funny, strange, good looking, rich, pedophile

Usually used to describe well-off Westside boys.

The word originates from Final Fantasy, but has evolved over modern time to also include the above mentioned definition.
"Yo, so who do you think is aeons?"

"Uh, I guess David would be."
by siemci August 18, 2006
An angelic soul and demonic soul combined to create a form where the new soul is half angel and half demon
I am an aeon because I have an angelic side and a demonic side
by Godrik I June 26, 2011
An egotistical jerk who is also quite the hypocrite. Usually a football head who can't control his hormones. Aeons are usually nice fellows at first, but once you get to know them, they turn into the dirtiest douche bags. Known for their fuckery shit.
"Dude, he was so nice at first... till I got to know the real him."

"That freaking Aeon. Forget that asshole."

douche poser hypocrite
by none-for-you-assmunch February 17, 2011
A very humorous or funny individual.A person that has a personality of a silly cartoon character.(originated from the cartoon Aeon Flux)
"Man you are so funny. You're an aeon. You should try to do some stand-up comedy!
by tylena June 30, 2006

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