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a person with the last name Simpson that is physically attractive or has a way with the ladies/men.
I see Pimpin Simpson over there just got 2 women to give him their phone numbers!

Dang,Pimpin Simpson....every time we go to the bar the men are all over you!
by tylena June 30, 2006
A very humorous or funny individual.A person that has a personality of a silly cartoon character.(originated from the cartoon Aeon Flux)
"Man you are so funny. You're an aeon. You should try to do some stand-up comedy!
by tylena June 30, 2006
(hot topic-but as one word-hottopic)an extremely beautiful individual.one who is marked by flawless craftsmanship,or beautiful,ingenious,delicate,or elaborate execution.one who is pleasing through beauty,fitness,or perfection.
i get asked out on dates alot because the men see that im a hottopic!

by tylena June 30, 2006

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