Adrienne is usually the hottest girl you will ever have the good fortune to meet! She has a perfect body and her hair is perfect all day every day. All of her friends envy her and that's a lot of people because she is really, really popular! All the guys like her because she is so perfect. Adrienne is the best person in the world and if you are like this description and your name isn't adrienne then you should change it because only adrienne's are that great and nobody else in the world even comes close!
Friend: oh look, there's that perfect, funny, really pretty girl you were talking about! What's her name again? Well it could only be adrienne of course! How could I forget such an awesome name like that?!?
by Emily Grant September 09, 2011
Beautiful, honest, fun, cute, always makes you smile, the type of girl you want to kiss every second you can. The girl you want to spend all day with even when you do absolutely nothing. She's mostly perfect in you're mind even if she thinks she's flaw.
Every day I speak to Adrienne my heart beats a bit faster and skips when she acts cute.
by UnforgottenLove December 14, 2011
Adrienne is the kind of girl who everybody wants to be like. she is super fly and soooooo hot its actually not even funny. She's a great kisser and everyone wants her face, even guys, that's how hot she is!!! If you know an adrienne who is not like this then they can't be called adrienne anymore because only people who are awesome like this description deserve the name adrienne!!!
"I know this one girl who is just the coolest, prettiest and funnest person ever!! Her name is adrienne and I love and worship her!!!
by angie robberts September 09, 2011
A smart, funny, hardworking, goofy, strong, confident, beautiful, girl who has the biggest heart ever. She is someone you can laugh with and get to know easily since she is so carefree. She is someone that can make a bad day into a good day. She has a really bubbly personality and is never afraid to let loose. She is someone who is also a HUGE Iowa State Fan (ISU) GO CYCLONES and cannot stand the Iowa Hawkeyes. She is someone who aspires to love on some Adam Levine. An Adrienne is also someone who is going to make a difference in many people's lives.
Oh girl, you need to be like an Adrienne and get that Hawkeye shirt off before I puke on you.

Dang did you see who Adam Levine is with..? It is that Adrienne type girl.. She is AWESOME!!!!!
by Kelccy June 02, 2013
Very hairy and vain but really pretty and artistic! A litttle bit mean at times but caring when the right time comes around. She is also a amazing singer and loves little cute random things online.
Girl1: I wish i was a Adrienne!

Girl2: Me too but right after she gets a waxing!
by KittyBear123 February 15, 2012
A preppy, happy, and sober girl who LOVES the color pink. ~Yasin :]
A funny, clutsy, and full of life type of girl who doubts herself all the time. ~Drew :)
The coolest, most awesome girl in the entire world and who could beat up any guy. ~Parker
Adrienne Doig and thats the only example that will ever be on here!!!! All the others are lies!!!!!
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