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stands for "Let's Get Drunk". describes people that drink just to get drunk and do stupid things like smoke weed, or get pregnant. they are usually seen wearing Uggs and a black Northface. pictures of them posted on facebook usually consist of beerpong and red Solo cups.
shaniqua: "how was the party?"
ashley: "omg, it was so fun! i got sooo drunk and hooked up with mike"

ashley would be the LGD in this situation.
by ayongo December 10, 2010
Little Green Dick
Dan has that L.G.D.
by Phantom City King June 10, 2016
Lack of Girl Friend Disorder

this can be a very serious killer in guys and needs to be fixed by the loving of a sweet and hot girlfriend, or any girlfriend for that matter.
That LGD is a real killer, I am going to see her tonight to be cured.
by jllv557 March 10, 2011
complete rage and/or domination
Team Legends are STA 4 champions, and don't have demon on their team.
by xil-king March 10, 2003
hahaha ... enough said.
by dnyc March 11, 2003


This is an acronym for my usual Internet handle/nick/username.
"I don't like that LGD and his/her stupid definitions..."
by LGD May 19, 2004
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