1) Adolf Hitler was an Austrian born male, known for his kind and compassionate treatment of minorities such as Jews. For instance, when Jews complained that they were cold, he ordered his men to stick them in ovens to keep warm.

2) May or may not have had only 1 testicle.

3) Had a furry thing living under his nose.

4) Famous for getting stuck in a war on 2 fronts....what a dumbass.
Adolf Hitler enjoyed playing the skin flute.
by foofighter95 May 19, 2013
A few things about Adolf that people (mostly gypsygal) have entirely wrong:

* Chancellor of Germany 1933-45

* Hitler did indeed order the invasion of Russia in 1941 the directive was known as "Operation Barbarossa"

* Hitler's personal attorney Hans Frank, who was also Governor-General of Poland, was acquisitioned with the task of investigating a possible Jewish lineage in Hitler's family history. After extensive research Frank concluded that the reality of Hitler having Jewish blood was incredibly remote, but a, possibility. Historians believe that Frank found something substantial, but disregarded it for his own personal safety.

* He committed suicide on April 30th, 1945 by a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head and ingestion of potassium cyanide.

* The Axis included: Italy, Japan and Germany among other nations and territories

* Auschwitz-Birkeneau was notorious for its mass killings and high numbers. The former commandant Rudolf Hoess claimed there were as many as 2.5 million people who perished, but evidence indicates that 1.1million is an accurate estimation.
Adolf Hitler
by thehardtruth January 26, 2010
Pretty decent guy if you got to know him, dude would give you the shirt off his back (well as long as you weren't Jewish). Adolf loved his dogs and wife often times he around the holidays the family could be seen caroling and preforming other festive activities around Auschwitz day camp for the Jewish. unfortunately his plans for renovations to turn the camp to a water park were canceled due to his death to bad there would have been some sweet rides there.
Adolf Hitler's awesome paintings and warm hearted laugh are unforgotten and often over shadowed by his questionable activities
by coolincj247 October 04, 2009
a pathetic human with a stupid looking mustache who was too big of a pussy to face the consequences for killing many innocent people because he was angry at the world, so he committed suicide. As long as he is dead, everyone should be happy. Let's all just hope he's suffering in hell. He's a piece of shit.
Teacher: Jim, can you tell me who Adolf Hitler was?

Jim: Yeah, he was that piece of shit Nazi with the funny mustache.
by pepperoni pete January 27, 2010
Commonly known as just 'Hitler'. He brought Germany out of a great depression, but after his fall it was pulled back down into an even worse depression. He ordered the death of millions of jews. He got many Germans to agree with his plans by speaking of negative facts about the jews, such as their commonly working for banks or other money-based jobs. He brought along the Nazi party, which is now made a fool of by being changed to a white pride group, rather than an anti-judaism group. Adolf Hitler supposedly commit suicide by taking a poison pill and then putting a handgun to his forehead an pulling the trigger. Russians later bragged about having a piece of his skull, but not enough to prove that his suicide attempt was successful, and to back this up, there is the fact that the poison didn't kill him and the shot to the head was likely to have only scratched his brain, meaning he is possibly still alive today.
Adolf Hitler was a very powerful dictator of mother Germany, which is now an often discriminated country because of all of the negative aspects of Hitler.
by Lynx_User58 August 01, 2005
A German anti-communist ruler who rose to the position of Fuhrer in the early 30s and exploited the luxury of appeasement to defy the Treaty of Versailles and amass an army beyond that of the combined allies. He was an absolute enemy of Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals and did all in his power to exterminate them - thousands were sent to concentration camps and gassed. In 1939 Hitler attacked Poland and war was declared. Though he was in total control of Germany, his main mistake was attacking the frigid front of Russia and the well armored shores of the USA simultaneously, which inevitably led to his downfall. In 1945, when he saw his country falling, he commited suicide just outside Berlin.
One of the most terrible tyrants, and possibly madmen, in history, has to be Adolf Hitler.
by SIDIOUS June 04, 2005
(April 20,1889-April 30,1945) was the dictator or Fuhrer of Germany from 1933 to his defeat in 1945 at the end of World War 2 (1939-1945). Hitler served in World War I (1914-1918) and won the Iron Cross for bravery as a dispatch runner in the German Army. After the humiliating defeat of Germany in 1918 and the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Hitler became an anti-semite and blamed the Jews for all of Germany's woes, Hitler in 1933 became Reichskanzler and took over the presidency of Germany which he merged and became absolute ruler of Nazi Germany in 1935, Hitler expelled Jews from German life and labelled them as non citizens in the 1934 Race Laws, Hitler aided Francisco Franco in the Spanish revolution and became allies with Benito Mussolini who was Prime Minister of Fascist Italy. in 1938 Hitler both annexed Czechoslovakia and his native Austria into a "Greater German Reich". From 1939-1940 Hitler invaded Poland and France then in the next year of 1941 Hitler invaded the Soviet Union which created a war on two fronts and because of his blundering in military matters he was eventually defeated and committed suicide with his mistress Eva Braun in Berlin but not before causing the deaths of 50 million people and 6 million Jews in the Holocaust.
Adolf Hitler is commonly associated with "Pure Evil"
by MrMattD April 02, 2015

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