1. Noun ; A gorgeous singer with a soulful voice that gives you goosebumps. Adele writes constantly about her exes even though they broke up several years ago.
person 1: Oh my God, that woman's voice!
person 2: She must be an Adele.
by CryEasy April 28, 2016
One who is of extreme awesomeness and possesses gifts and talents which shock and awe the mere mortal. Is often thought to be the most beautiful and sparkly star in the heavens.
Alex: That girls is so amazing, she is Adele-like in so many ways!
Edward: I know what you mean. Its almost as if she fell from the heavens and still sparkles on earth.
by allygal February 05, 2010
Generic term for an attractive female, particularly one who isn't real, or you don't know her name or you have no chance of actually getting with.
Peter: I got a date with Adele tonight
John: Cool, where you going?
Peter: Just around some pubs, see who I meet.
by The Bag Boy April 13, 2005
An amazing English pop/soul singer-songwriter. She has such a powerful voice that hits all the high notes so perfectly. Her voice is very pure and natural that it doesn't even rely on auto-tune. The lyrics she writes are very meaningful and poetic at the same time. I swear she did become not famous by the way she looks (even though she looks beautiful). She got famous because of the incredible amount of talent she holds. Her live performances are absolutely amazing. When you hear her live she sounds pretty much same as she does in the album version of a song and she sometimes sounds better live.
Person 1: I love hearing Adele on the radio. She's such a gift to the music industry.

Person 2: I know right, her musical genius is what got her to become famous unlike a lot of those other pop stars using shitty gimmicks and crappy auto-tune to get famous.

Person 1: The reason why appreciate Adele so much is because her voice is so vibrant and her lyrics tell a wonderful story.

Person 2: Adele is gonna have a successful career as a singer-songwriter because of this awesome talent she possesses.
by Diversity In Music November 05, 2011
Adele is a fun-loving person who is always happy. She's a great friend and always has your back. She cares about everyone and everything and you know that if you have a problem you can talk to her about anything, she will always make time for you and always listens.

Though when you first meet her she can be kind of scary, once you get to know her she will be the best friend you can ever have.
"Man I had a bad day! I need to have an Adele"
by Can you do that? September 15, 2011

to sweep an award's show. Like adele did.
Hugo better not adele all the award's at the oscars!
by BadAss#1 February 26, 2012
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