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Prescription for ADHD that contains amphetamine and is now being widely abused.
"I just snorted up some adderall and I'm feeling great!"
by loner March 07, 2004
647 410
Mother's little helper
What I take in the morning to counteract the xanax I took to sleep.
by stella March 05, 2005
355 178
Drug people in college take to cram the night before. Usually bought from someone selling at a frat who already supplied everyone in their house.
In higher demand then Ritalin.
Man, I got 12 chapters to read and all my notes to go over in 10 hours, I'm taking some Adderall.
by bighonky April 19, 2005
386 222
ADHD medication. The ultimate stimulant high. Induces focus, attention, elation, sexual arousal, and sleeplessness. Increased nicotine craving.
Oh man, I took so much adderall. I'm fiending for more. I'm bugging out. I have alot of work to do.
by Arieh August 13, 2006
262 142
Adderall is a prescription drug used mainly to treat ADD/ADHD kids and sometimes adults. It increases attention span and energy, the ability to retain information, and to stay interested and focused. Learning and cleaning, basically doing anything lame that is usually hell to have to do become almost fun.

Used widely for its recreational mood-heightening, energy adding effects. Also used widely by high school and college students to cram for tests (finals = stock up time!). It lets you stay up all night and study, read, take notes, anything school-related without becoming bored out of your mind or passing out tired. It's also insanely easy to remember anything you read on it.. It's basically the solution to all of life's problems.. too bad about that whole high potential to become habit forming part.

Comes in either regular doses or extended-release tablets which release the contents into your blood-stream evenly by the hour, for about 8 hours.
I know nothing for my spanish final tomorrow, I'm gonna have to take some adderall tonight to learn a new language.
by TFS January 20, 2006
190 92
I don't understand my philosophy 780 midterm - a Theological argument we have to analyze. Luckily i took three pills of 45mg Adderall an hour before.

Your heart beat rises and you're in the zone, an alternate reality where Adderall controls your mind. Suddenly the argument, a dense and primitive form of writing, makes sense. The argument becomes concise and clear. The once painful material unravels like a bounty roll before your eyes. You finally understand what the hell the author is arguing about.

Soon, you find yourself writing well constructed sentences and thorough critiques. You even reference jokes in your response that pertain to your professor and the argument.

You look around the classroom to notice the other students struggling with the midterm and realize you're finished. You're awake for the next forty-eight hours but two weeks later you receive an A+. Oh Adderall, how i adore you.
Person 1: Let's go study Becky!

Person 2: Fuk you nigga ima pop Adderall.
by redzone1 March 18, 2009
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a prescription medication consisting of racemic (levo- and dextro- isomers both included) amphetamine salts. (the dextro- isomers are reported to be more recreationally useful than the levo- isomers, as it is said the levo- isomers cause little psychological effects and the dextro- isomer is even preferred in a medical use setting). they're prescribed by doctors for ADHD but are widely abused. the extended release get you high for HOURS and have a really intense but edgy high. Effects include increased motivation, increased concentration, extreme euphoria, loads of energy, and your brain works in a more logical, calculating way in general. A very distinctive high. Side-effects include tension in the jaw, inability or feeling like you don't need to eat, and I personally get a very noticeable 'tick' that pretty much announces to everyone I'm on speed .I tend to bite and lick my lips really fast when I speed, and it tends to look like I'm flicking my tongue at people or something. Effects like this can go completely subconscious and the user will not even realize he is doing things such as this (if side-effects like this are experienced). One of the bad things about adderall is the harsh comedown (when you take a decent amount). Speed hangovers can include unsettling of the stomach, fatigue, inability to sleep, feeling just generally depressed or down, and if taken for extended periods the hangover can turn into a full-blown crash, which can be almost UNBEARABLE.

Adderall's chemically active component amphetamine acts on your brain by causing the release of a chemical called dopamine, which is your brain's 'reward' chemical. I.E. when you eat good food, have sex, or do something else pleasurable, your brain normally releases small amounts of dopamine. With adderall, large amounts of dopamine are released into the brain, and by pharmacological action of amphetamine, a process occurs called dopamine reuptake antagonism, which is basically a science term to describe that the dopamine is stuck floating in your brain instead of being metabolized or taken back up, which occurs normally within minutes. With adderall, however, dopamine, your "FUCK YEAH LET'S DO THIS!!!" chemical is stuck floating around in your brain for hours on end causing the strongly reported euphoria and other recreational effects.

Chemically, adderall's psychoactive chemical amphetamine is closely related to several other drugs. These include methamphetamine, or "meth, ice," etc, which is just an amphetamine molecule with a methyl group (CH3, one carbon atom stuck with 3 hydrogen atoms) stuck on the end, which basically causes the effects of the drug to be amplified, which is why meth is so much more addictive. Other related compounds include MDMA, aka ecstasy, which is the methamphetamine compound with 2 oxygens stuck to the other end of the molecule with a carbon and 2 hydrogens in between them. There are numerous other related compounds, but I'm really getting tired of typing at this point.
I took 3 30's of adderall at 2 earlier but now I'm coming down...this sucks man
by Ian f'in Davis January 30, 2008
99 41
A pill that raises your attention, focus, and awareness to it's full extent.
Adderall grabs your attention.
by SuperSonicX July 09, 2005
103 58