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Drug people in college take to cram the night before. Usually bought from someone selling at a frat who already supplied everyone in their house.
In higher demand then Ritalin.
Man, I got 12 chapters to read and all my notes to go over in 10 hours, I'm taking some Adderall.
by bighonky April 19, 2005
Any individual born in the year 1979. Being born in 1979 makes a person infinitely more superior than any individual born in any other year. The only exception to this may be a sixty niner, someone born in 1969, but the jury is still out.
That guy Gerald I met the other day is pretty cool.

Of course he's cool, he's a seventy niner!
#absolute being #great one #deity #idol #infinite spirit #lord of lords #king of kings #tutelary #world spirit
by BigHonky August 04, 2013
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