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Adderall or Addies, is a stimulant drug that is prescribed to individuals with ADHD or ADD. Although its purpose is to aid those whom medically need it to operate in their daily routines, it is also very common among college students because it helps them study for exams and do homework. It contains Amphetamine, an ingredient known to have a high potential of abuse.
Dude, I took 40 mg of Addies this morning and i'm like a fu*cking twerking horse right now.

Hey, I have a really long paper due tomorrow. Do you think you can hook me up with two Adderall tabs?

Holy crap, How many milligrams were those Adderall pills you gave me?
by SnowFallz December 10, 2013
I don't understand my philosophy 780 midterm - a Theological argument we have to analyze. Luckily i took three pills of 45mg Adderall an hour before.

Your heart beat rises and you're in the zone, an alternate reality where Adderall controls your mind. Suddenly the argument, a dense and primitive form of writing, makes sense. The argument becomes concise and clear. The once painful material unravels like a bounty roll before your eyes. You finally understand what the hell the author is arguing about.

Soon, you find yourself writing well constructed sentences and thorough critiques. You even reference jokes in your response that pertain to your professor and the argument.

You look around the classroom to notice the other students struggling with the midterm and realize you're finished. You're awake for the next forty-eight hours but two weeks later you receive an A+. Oh Adderall, how i adore you.
Person 1: Let's go study Becky!

Person 2: Fuk you nigga ima pop Adderall.
by redzone1 March 18, 2009
The reason every teenager, college kid, and meth head suddenly has ADHD.
College kid: Sweet, I took eighteen classes this semester and got an A+ in all of them! And now I can get completely plastered without getting tired! Thanks Adderall.

Teen girl: I take it too, and I've lost 15 pounds without even trying. It's amazing.

Ex-Meth addict: As soon as I got my five different prescriptions for it, I didn't even need meth anymore. Sayonara rehab!

Other person: Wow. Sounds awesome. What do you take it for?

College kid/teen girl/meth head: Uh... I've got ADDH. Er, ADHD. Yeah...
by TheWORDS January 21, 2008
Kiddy Speed, its like speed because of all the amphetamine salts.

Adderall is a psychostimulant comprising mixed amphetamine salts. The drug is used primarily to treat ADHD and narcolepsy.
Gary has ADHD but he sells Adderall ready for snorting.
by Hixxe December 30, 2007
a ADHD medication used for focus and control. It is taken when your add ass self can focus on shit without getting distracted or you have a test that u will fuck up on. In general it is for concentration and control.
"holy shit that's shinny"
"go take your adderall"

dude :lets fuck
chick : aight but i will need an adderall first
by widespread March 18, 2009
Some shit I took when i was in 7th to 8th grade to control my ADHD, and then taken off of it because i was selling it. For me, when used CORRECTLY, addy made me eat less, and I had less energy. I had more attention, and I talked less. I never abused it. If you look at it, it had some effects that were similar to weed.
I took 100 mg a day of Adderall, and I didn't eat lunch, even if it was the best shit in the world.
by David L.P. June 12, 2007
1) A medication for ADHD or ADD that chills you out.

2) A joint rolled with Adderall that really fucks you up if you do not have ADD.
1) "woowowowowowowow" Man, that kid needs to take his Adderall.

2) Man pass that adderall blunt over here, g.
by derek January 22, 2005