The Ivy League Drug.

Medicine, meant for sufferers of A.D.D, commonly used by college students to maximize their time studying.
Dude, lemme score some adderall I only have a couple of hours to study for the final!
by A+ A+ B+ A July 10, 2008
The miracle drug for IB.
Thank God for Adderall. I was able to get my history IA done, finish my lab report and write my TOK paper all in one night.
by dummie#6 November 28, 2010
God's gift to man. It makes life much better all around for about an hour. Then it wears off a bit and things are just ok for another couple of hours. Then in an instant life gets very shitty and you have to take more.
Available in doses from 5 to 30 mg Adderall is the perfect solution to all your problems :)
by Time Traveler April 11, 2006
I don't understand my philosophy 780 midterm - a Theological argument we have to analyze. Luckily i took three pills of 45mg Adderall an hour before.

Your heart beat rises and you're in the zone, an alternate reality where Adderall controls your mind. Suddenly the argument, a dense and primitive form of writing, makes sense. The argument becomes concise and clear. The once painful material unravels like a bounty roll before your eyes. You finally understand what the hell the author is arguing about.

Soon, you find yourself writing well constructed sentences and thorough critiques. You even reference jokes in your response that pertain to your professor and the argument.

You look around the classroom to notice the other students struggling with the midterm and realize you're finished. You're awake for the next forty-eight hours but two weeks later you receive an A+. Oh Adderall, how i adore you.
Person 1: Let's go study Becky!

Person 2: Fuk you nigga ima pop Adderall.
by redzone1 March 18, 2009
A perscription drug for A.D.D kids, mostly abused by teenagers to stay awake, not eat, and be more social. If you take too much it may cause mental distress. But if you become tired, close your eyes for 20 minutes asleep or not and you will usually be re-embersed with energy.
Due to the 3 day weekend I took 6 pills of my cousins adderall and I was up for 55 hours! And the next day I wasn't tired at all!!
by Trevor Allen Johnson October 22, 2007
Adderall is a drug that when taken can make you stay awake and dance at the club for 6 hours and not be able to stay still. If you want to sleep get high. And after you sleep for a little while you will wake up still with energy and you might end up reading 2 and a half books.
"You look tired, want an adderall?"
"I guess so.."
...20 mins later..
"Damn, I guess that sure did help you"
"I cant stop movin now!"
by MooooMooooo January 06, 2009
(n). colloquially known as: "addy", "d-ral", "Godin's potion", and "vitamin A". An orally-administered stimulant which enables the user to crush mad homework, office work, endless highway driving, and extended sessions of collegiate grabassery—all while feeling like a stellar pimp, but looking like a crazed ballwasher.
"Dudebro, would you load another ream of paper into that printer for me? I would—but I'm rounding the bases on the thirtieth chapter of this short love letter I'm writing to my questionably-attractive girlfriend. Your help is greatly appreciated, and I will again engage in conversation with you once the balance of Godin's potion leaves my system in twelve hours. Dag son, Adderall is the bee's knees!"
by themanwiththebriefcase_749 November 16, 2011
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