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The Ivy League Drug.

Medicine, meant for sufferers of A.D.D, commonly used by college students to maximize their time studying.
Dude, lemme score some adderall I only have a couple of hours to study for the final!
by A+ A+ B+ A July 10, 2008
72 28
A pill, available in a variety of doses and colors, used medically to treat ADD/ADHD. Adderall is abused by people ranging from your everyday soccer mom, to a 15-year-old loner to help build his social life. If you haven't tried it already, it is highly recommended by everyone who has. Adderall has different effects on different people; but virtually everyone feels as though their life is perfect while under the influence of this majestic piece of heaven. It is easily obtained in a college student environment and pretty much any school-type environments. Most common uses for Adderall include: finishing a school assignment worth major points, building a social life, achieving excellence in the work environment, making family time somewhat tolerable, losing weight, staying up for over 24 hours (commonly known as an Adderallnighter,) cleaning your house in a limited amount of time (yet, extremely thorough and organized) and any other activities that suck to do when sober. Highly addictive, yet totally worth it.
Anna - "I have a 500 point project due tomorrow morning, and I haven't even looked at the assignment yet! What am I going to do?"

Karen - "I just got my prescription of Adderall 30mg filled, wanna try to see if it will help you focus on getting your assignment done?"

Anna - "Sure. Do you want money or something for it?"

Karen - "Nah, first one's on me. After this, $3/pill. Here. Enjoy."

Anna - *takes sip of overpriced energy drink, swallows the drug*

Roughly 30 minutes later...

Anna - "Well, I'm gonna go to the library and start on this lame thing. Thanks, Kar. I'll tell you how it goes."

The next day, after class...

Karen - "So, how was it?"

Anna - "I still haven't slept. I was at the library 'til it closed last night. Finished my project, wrote it all out a second time, just in case. Went to my moms to catch up on things, kept her up 'til 2am. Drove around aimlessly, in complete silence, 'til 7:30am. Went to class, presented my project, listened to everyone else, critiquing every sentence quietly to myself, stayed after class to talk to the professor about how much I enjoyed his assignment and how much hard work I put into it. Came back here, emptied my dresser, unfolded and refolded every piece of clothing, organizing them by brands, did the same with yours. Then you came in, and here we are. You got anymore of that? I have some extra money to spend on this miracle drug."
*inside Anna's head: It's a whole NEW worlddddd*
by @dd3rALLd@y March 12, 2011
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A perscription drug for A.D.D kids, mostly abused by teenagers to stay awake, not eat, and be more social. If you take too much it may cause mental distress. But if you become tired, close your eyes for 20 minutes asleep or not and you will usually be re-embersed with energy.
Due to the 3 day weekend I took 6 pills of my cousins adderall and I was up for 55 hours! And the next day I wasn't tired at all!!
by Trevor Allen Johnson October 22, 2007
37 25
God's gift to man. It makes life much better all around for about an hour. Then it wears off a bit and things are just ok for another couple of hours. Then in an instant life gets very shitty and you have to take more.
Available in doses from 5 to 30 mg Adderall is the perfect solution to all your problems :)
by Time Traveler April 11, 2006
102 92
The miracle drug for IB.
Thank God for Adderall. I was able to get my history IA done, finish my lab report and write my TOK paper all in one night.
by dummie#6 November 28, 2010
16 7
Aka:magic blue pill,uppers,speed.

Adderalls an addicting supplement used to cure the symptoms of ADD.I started taking adderall in the 11th grade.I was failing out of school not atending and blaming it on because "I cant concentrate."

You start taking them by mouth and let me tell you it feels great.But then you cant stop,I started railing them.I did lines in the bathroom of my work everyday.whenever you don't have you don;t even wanna get out bed,something as simple as going to the bathroom is hard.But you still cant stop because your brain depends on it to make you energy.You could sleep for 3 days and you still feel like shit cause you ran out of your pills.
If your reading this and want to experiment with adderall dont do it,you might as well be a coke head.Its not something im proud of but take my word.Im broke my girlfriend left me and i still cant stop.
by 987oiulkjm December 30, 2009
39 32
Adderall is a drug that when taken can make you stay awake and dance at the club for 6 hours and not be able to stay still. If you want to sleep get high. And after you sleep for a little while you will wake up still with energy and you might end up reading 2 and a half books.
"You look tired, want an adderall?"
"I guess so.."
...20 mins later..
"Damn, I guess that sure did help you"
"I cant stop movin now!"
by MooooMooooo January 06, 2009
18 13