someone acting like something there not.
a school boy, acting like ah gangsta
by xtended klip aka lil logan August 15, 2002
a sophisticated whore

acting - another word for sophisticated whoring
Guy: She is such a whore.
Guy 2: What do you mean? Like an actor?
Guy: Oh, no! She's not THAT big of a whore...but she's still pretty bad.
by Dan845678 September 27, 2010
1. Anyone who has to pretend to be someone/something their not in order to avoid deserving consequences.

2. Anyone who has a story or style that`s not the truth; full of shit.
Homegirl always act like she broke and drives a 2005 Chevy Malibu. That chick is a actor. She act so much, she could win a oscar.

An example of a actor is "VENUS" in the movie "HUSTLE AND HEAT." It's also called "RIDE OR DIE."
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant March 09, 2006
propagandist,see propaganda
actors suck
by blow me jeeves December 09, 2003
A person who makes tons of money by pretending not to be himself, whether on film, television, radio, theatre, etc. etc. In this time of necessary war (at least on timestamp at bottom of definition), most of this type will unknowingly end their careers by bitching about President Bush's clever observations on Saddam Hussein and how he should be stopped.
by Alex March 23, 2003
Word in an extensive vocabulary of theatre terms standing in for sexual terms meaning penis.
Is that a banana in your pants or is your actor just happy to see me?
by SamMacElParker December 06, 2009
1. Un-important nobody who speaks nonsense in front of admirable sets.

2. Mindless, zombie like people who blindly follow the director's commands. Their success is 99% determined by the Techies.
A dumb actor who refuses to stand in the part of the stage that is lit/
by Maddieeeeeeeeeeee April 07, 2009

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