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An actor is one that does not act but rather attempts to live and breathe the person/character he is portraying.It is one of the worsts arts you can be in as many people disrespect this profession and think of it as fooling around.When acting is done properly it is a dangerous profession as the intense emotions felt are real.If one tries acting and does no feel anythig except stupid or funny theyre not doing it properly.Many actors in different countries around the world are extremely talented but do not have much opportunities to do this as a full time job.However these people do their utmost in just working hard enough and produce a sufficient product in so many short hours.Acting allows us to escape from the world and be another person.It's challenging and intriguing...its never ending.
countries eg:Malta .These countries do not have any finance to make acting there full time job,not even partime...so apart from there normal full time jobs an actor acts without pay and produce a good product..This is what we call extreme dedication.
by akathleenparsons October 16, 2009

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