An amazing boyfriend who knows how to treat a girl right. When ever you look at him, you can't help but smile. His laugh makes any girl laugh, and he's great at playing the guitar. If you're lucky enough to date Aaron, you must be special. He is amazing.
friend: aaron is soo cute and sweet, i wish he was mine !
me: yeah (:
by kittensarenice April 30, 2013
One of the coolest boys you'll meet, great personality, and one of the most amazing mishevious smiles!!!!! You'll be lucky to meet one like him in your lifetime!!!! He's hot, funny, crazy smart, and amazingly weird;) Oh did I forget to mention he's also genuine and nice?
Girl 1: I'm going on a date with Aaron... ahh I'm so lucky! (14)

Girl 2: We know!!!!!!
by Lovedogs March 16, 2013
The most amazing guy on the planet. Sweet, easy too talk too, VERY attractive, and caring. Oh yea, And TAKEN <3
Aaron is mine . ;D
by ilovemyboyfriend November 22, 2011
British expression in nyc - moving language across the atlantic - this is the interchange with boomer. It means to be spoken to loudly and forcefully. In the uk we would say' aye aye boomer' as a way of expressing NYC we would say 'aye aye aaron'
Loud speech...'this is great, I love it'

Response 'aye aye aaron, calm down'
by Mimigraham November 16, 2011
A sexy ass mofo'n guy. Hes so sexi he cant wear a shirts. Also is funny as hell, great personality. :) n.o.m
Girl "aarons a sexi bitch!"
by BeanerTheJelly July 26, 2011
A great guy who's loyal and will always be there for you. Usually blonde and very funny.
Hey, that Aaron guy is really cool.
by MindGamez June 18, 2011
Biggest Triceps in the universe.... Thought to also have the biggest penis in the universe
girl1: 'wow Aaron has massive triceps....'
girl2: 'yer of course he does... hes Aaron'
by Biggest triceps in the Univers December 20, 2011
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