The name Aaron is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Aaron is: Lofty; exalted; high mountain. Biblically, Aaron was Moses' older brother (and keeper by God's command). He was first high priest of the Israelites, remembered for the miraculous blossoming of his staff or rod.
Aaron is so biblical
by #SassyTheSasquatch May 18, 2014
The best friend in the world, you can't get anyone better! Who doesn't love him is mad!
Me: You you want to know something?
Aaron: Tell me.
Me: You're cute!
by MargotVdb February 04, 2014
Aaron very long individual, often mistaken for a twiglet. Really enjoys eating numerous bags of crisps.
Hey! Is that aaron over there steve ? No paul that's a young tree sapling.
by Slag slayer January 27, 2014
To be an individual named Aaron, is to transcend awesomeness at it's very core.
That omnipotent being must be named Aaron!
by TheTruthOfAaron June 20, 2013
a complete cock block
Dude, I was in my dorm room with a chick last night ready to pork and my hall mate was being a total AARON, he wouldn't LEAVE!
by gettingitin#not September 22, 2012
A huge horn dog who is only good to be a friend with beneifits. He lies and ruins make out sessions by getting all emotional
Brea: So yesterday I was makin out with Aaron until he called me beautiful

Taylire: Oh did that kill the buzz?

Brea: Yea...
by ThatPlusSizedGurl July 27, 2012
The act of being marked by a crazy girl you've just met 2days ago.
Bro, i think you just got aaron'd.
Shes already trying to get you to change you're display name!
by Fluxion July 03, 2012

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