Aaron is a legit guy. He's sexy, hot, hilarious, and can be a dick but no one cares, cuz he's Aaron! He walks around like he's the shit (cuz he is) and every girl wants to tap that. He's a pimp and is the best bro in da world! He'd be good in bed and is a fucking awesome boyfriend. When you find one, love em'!
Girl1: Dude, I love Aaron! He's so fucking amazing!
Girl2: I know, I'm so jealous he's not my boyfriend! YOu're so lucky!
by sexylady411 June 11, 2011
Nice, funny and has lots of friends he is very athletic and cares for his family. Aaron's will become rich and famous for sport and have a long happy life
Aaron's are Very popular and very kind
by Andy6578 May 15, 2015
The best friend in the world, you can't get anyone better! Who doesn't love him is mad!
Me: You you want to know something?
Aaron: Tell me.
Me: You're cute!
by MargotVdb February 04, 2014
To be an individual named Aaron, is to transcend awesomeness at it's very core.
That omnipotent being must be named Aaron!
by TheTruthOfAaron June 20, 2013
A sexy ass mofo'n guy. Hes so sexi he cant wear a shirts. Also is funny as hell, great personality. :) n.o.m
Girl "aarons a sexi bitch!"
by BeanerTheJelly July 26, 2011
British expression in nyc - moving language across the atlantic - this is the interchange with boomer. It means to be spoken to loudly and forcefully. In the uk we would say' aye aye boomer' as a way of expressing excitement..in NYC we would say 'aye aye aaron'
Loud speech...'this is great, I love it'

Response 'aye aye aaron, calm down'
by Mimigraham November 16, 2011
The boy that steals your girlfriend, tells you he doesn't like her, and then you see him giving her a hickey in the back of the class!!!
Person 1: Do you see that kid?
Person 2: Ya he's such an Aaron! James' girlfriend still has a hickey from him!!
by Classboy November 04, 2011

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